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  1. The only thing that'd get me back into dirt 4 would be vr support.
  2. Project cars 2 is my goto racing game, the rally cross in vr is awesome, just wish it had more rally cross tracks. The ai is too slow right now too, but I'm sure that'll be balanced out eventually. Been thinking about starting an online rally cross league in that game, when I get more time. 
  3. i use a g27, i prefer a wheel because its more fun to me, i dont race online and im not super competitive with my times, id probably be better with a controller but its more about the fun and immersion to me.
  4. im on medium, i dont get first every race so it seems a good fit, i might move it up to hard eventually. if i can get by the ai i have no problems but sometimes they make it pretty difficult to get by them.
  5. the ai cars are still heavy but not nearly like the tanks they were in grid 2. i can atleast pit them if i want and ive run quite a few off the road, i wasnt able to do that at all in grid 2.
  6. its been pretty positive around for the most part. theres some constructive criticism and a few people who dont like it but overall most people seem pretty happy with it, specially compared to how things were when grid 2 was released. and theres nothing wrong with constructive criticism, how else would the devs know what to fix or improve upon, feedback can be important in that aspect. and for the people who dont like it, let them vent, as long as they say what they need to and move on then it doesnt become an issue. were all entitled to our opinions as long as we dont flood the forums with
  7.   Noooooo :D The last good game was HP 2010 )) Lol, Dirt 3 has good handling! Only Gymkhana is arcade i agree, other than the gymkana which they can leave out of 4, i thought dirt 3 was great, its one of my favorite racing games.
  8. ive had no issues using a g27 on the ps3 with the game. controls like a dream without having to adjust anything. i did lower some of the ffb though. i did get alot of enjoyment out of grid 2 for what it was but the handling in this one is so much better.
  9. the drifting is one of those easy to learn difficult to master things... its been alot of fun for me so far. i suck at it but ive still had a few ok runs, i turned it on easy for those events and its no problem getting first, ill probably keep it on medium now. id love to see some videos of people being really good at it. also its not just time trials with the muscle cars, theirs actual races in their too, im having alot of fun in tuner events.
  10. i do kindve miss the point to point races, they wouldve been great with the handling in this game. but other than that i think the game is great, im not a big fan of pure sim games so this one is just arcade enough for me to get into. the dirt series is my favorite but this one is looking like itll get alot of play out of me.
  11. im not sure, it depends on my mood. touring, street and tuner are all pretty close to me for different reasons. i havent dived into endurance and open wheel yet.
  12. pretty sure it was pole position in the arcades and on the atari 2600, i remember playing outrun alot in the arcades too. not really a racing game but i played the crap out of spyhunter on the commodore 64 back in the day too.
  13. doesnt the ps4 have the same support for wheels as the ps3? id like to still be able to use my g27 for future racing games when i eventually get a ps4. for me ive never played on a current gen console yet or had a gaming pc in over 10 years so the game looks good to me on my ps3, im sure it looks spectacular on the pc though!
  14. Can I ask what you can change as far as the drift event setups go? You can't change race length obviously but is there any customization? not really, in a custom cup you can choose between 5 tracks, they can also be done in reverse. theres seems to be 2 classes in which you can choose between 3 cars each specifically tuned for drifting. you can adjust the tuning which you can do in any race. theres brake bias, differential, downforce, gear ratios, front and rear suspension. the events consist of a qualifier and 3 elimination rounds. you can adjust how many laps there are u
  15. im using the g27. im playing on medium difficulty. i started with street racing, it was definately thrilling even on medium. i decided to give the tuner a go next, i know alot of people dont care for drifting events, but i have to say they were a blast, i really liked the drifting in this, more than i thought i would! so far im enjoying the game quite a bit. this coming from a novice player, i cant comment on how well itll play for pro's. but for me so far so good!
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