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  1. First evaluation race done! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMvNzcGvix4
  2. Sprint league will be held on either Tuesday/Sundays it’s looking like - many signups in the past few days keep the coming guys!
  3. AeroLeagueALR

    PS4. Looking for a Thursday or Saturday league.

    We have leagues on Sundays Tuesdays and Thursdays. All start 4pm (New York time). Sign up on our discord - https://discord.gg/r2bhSzX
  4. 50% leagues: Tier 1 - Thursdays Tier 2 - (either Tuesdays/Sundays) Sprint leagues: either Tuesdays/Sundays Looking for new commentators for all 3 tiers
  5. Slots open for the Thursday league again!