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  1. Hi @CMTGK, I've followed all the above recommendations and have even re-installed Grid (via Steam) on another hard drive - unfortunately I have experienced the same problem, The game crashes when I try to launch it (I have about 20 seconds of a black screen, then error report). The first error message was: Access violation at address 0x80547533 in module 'Grid_dx12.exe' + 0x717533. Grid_dx12.exe I tried to re-launch the game and then had this error message: Access violation at address 0xbf408bb7 in module 'D3D12.dll' + 0x8bb7. D3D12.dll Strangely, when I re-checked that the application was set to 'safe' in Bitdefender AV, it showed that the Grid (2019) executable had not requested access. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards
  2. Many thanks for getting back to me. I have been through all the steps (and am even trying a fresh installation). I will post results on main thread 🙂
  3. I have just purchased Grid 2019 from Steam and have exactly the same error message when I try to launch the game: Access violation at address 0xbc3d8bb7 in module 'D3D12.dll' + 0x8bb7. D3D12.dll I have updated Windows 10 and my RTX2080 drivers and get (nearly) the same error message: Access violation at address 0x9dc98bb7 in module 'D3D12.dll' + 0x8bb7. D3D12.dll any help would be gratefully received.