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  1. I would like something similar to motorsport manager. Have you played it? would make things more interesting, rather than the linear rout to the top.
  2. I hope there is a complete overhaul of the r&d in next years game. Wishful thinking 🤞
  3. Its not just about winning races. It also takes into account corner cutting and incidents with other drivers. some of the youtuber’s have done video’s on levelling up on multiplayer, that could be a good place to find out how it works.
  4. Its probably best if you submit this to the bug section of the forum. Provide a full report with what platform your on etc. nothing can be done without more detailed info.
  5. Can you post a quick video showing an example of this & show the tyre temps on the MDF ?
  6. Do i think there will be a new game engine? No. But i hope that there is a new engine. Personally i think this version of Ego is at it’s limit & to make a truly improved game next year they need a new direction. hopefully with the help of EA they can pull it out the bag.
  7. You cant race multiplayer if your using livery mods.
  8. Has anybody played motorsport manager on PC? I would love CM to follow a similar development mechanism. you have team personnel who have stats based on engine, front wing, rear wing, chassis etc… so when regulation changes come in, development of the new car is heavily based on your staff and their stats. So you could go from a top team to bottom team if your development goes wrong. the development tree is also more realistic as huge gains cant be made in 1 season, so it becomes more of a graft and makes the game playable for multiple seasons. following something like this would
  9. Thanks for this. As CM havent corrected the a.i in high speed corners, i’m happy to give this a try. do you know how this will effect existing myteam modes? In terms of upgrades I’ve already completed? maybe its best to start a new save? cheers
  10. Check the bug section of the forum. Already been looked at by devs and should fixed in a future patch.
  11. The fact is that the stewards did not follow their own rules. Once they let the lapped cars go, the safety car has to stay out for one more lap. Therefore the safety car should have stayed out for the last lap = no more racing. Regardless of who i wanted to win the stewards have made a joke of the sport.
  12. In time trial there is no tyre wear or heavy fuel load like in a race. The car will handle different in a race as more variables are at work. Personally i’d never try and race with a TT setup. if you can go into more detail about the problems your having, there are plenty of people on the forum who can help.
  13. Try using a different controller scheme and see what happens. Which button do you have mapped for DRS? Also check that whatever button you have mapped is not also be used to control something else.
  14. Staying on the racing line could be half the problem. I’ve heard the AI are super aggressive in co-op mode. you could be better off trying to avoid collisions in the first few corners, sacrificing positions. If you regularly quali 1st or 2nd you should be able to get the positions back.
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