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  1. fair enough, i would run chkdsk, SFC scan and DISM and see if it corrects any corrupted files. If you got a BSOD there could be other issues not related to the game 🤞
  2. If your getting BSOD it could be driver related. Are all your drivers up to date? also have you recently changed any hardware? what was the error message when you got BSOD. Do you have the dump file?
  3. Jobling1983

    Season length options on My Team

    Not sure about question 1. In regards to question 2 , as i understand it, it still follows the normal calendar. Therefore you can do all the same activities, you will just have more free time. Not having as many races you would have less income and earn less r&d from practice etc
  4. Jobling1983

    My Team - Members Uniform

    glad you sorted it 😁
  5. Jobling1983

    My Team - Members Uniform

    I think that could be it 👍
  6. Jobling1983

    My Team - Members Uniform

    I think uniforms are linked to your team colours not car livery. Is the colour of your livery the same as your team colours?
  7. What % races do you do? i’ve seen videos on youtube of this happening. Possibly on on 25% races. doesnt happen to me on 50%
  8. Jobling1983

    Team name on rear wing

    Yes it would... 😁
  9. Jobling1983

    Let us choose how many flashback we have per Session

    No need for this. Just limit yourself if need be ?
  10. Jobling1983

    Podium pass eta?

    Its working on PC
  11. Jobling1983

    Myteam career question

    Hopefully there is something in place to prevent this. Its definitely a worry for me too.
  12. Jobling1983


    I bet it’s because console wont have SSD’s. The stream’s ive seen of console it does look very slow
  13. Jobling1983


    Are you on console? seems fine on PC with a SSD
  14. Jobling1983

    Will these specs be good enough for 1080p 60fps?

    I think so. I have ryzen 3 1200 , GTX1660 super and 8 gigs of ram. Its a gpu bound game, so you can get away with an older CPU. Its all about your gpu. with my rig i’m getting over 100 fps (most settins on ultra) on average so you should be ok to get around 60fps. just buy it on Steam, if your not happy with the FPS they will refund the game, if you play for less than 2 hours 👍
  15. Jobling1983

    Save colour presets

    Agreed 🤣 spent sooo long matching them up!