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  1. True. I want to do some testing, but dont want to mess up my saves by doing it. Why only 3 save files… 🤣
  2. In regards to the quick practice, i dont think its broken, although it could be tweeked. all activities are time based. Therefore if you spend 60 mins trying to complete quick practice, thats like an extra 50% race on your component wear. Do this 3 times in a weekend and your components will be nackered. possibly they could reduce the time each quick program takes to complete to reduce wear. But i like it how it is, risk Vs reward.
  3. Can you clear up a discussion we were having on a different thread. when all the tracks are released will we be able to have a calendar with 23 races? cheers
  4. No, i dont think your right on this one. I’m sure that i read on the forum, possibly from BarryBl, even when all tracks are released the season will still only be 20 races long.
  5. I think that is just when the tyre delaminates. Which is still in the game, at least on PC
  6. Where did you see flat spots in the game? Got a video?
  7. So it appears online lobbies are quite realistic after all! turn 1 🤦‍♂️
  8. I would say just jump in and try things out for yourself. You dont want to do things perfect or it can become a bit easy. for me, the biggest thing is not to upgrade your team mate too early. If you hire a teammate with very high experience they will earn R&d points very quickly. Which means mid way through season 2 you can be on merc level. For me it should take longer to get to this level. although there are options to slow down money and r&d points earned, making it harder to upgrade.
  9. Yes you can choose how many races at the start of each season. Either 20, 16 or 10. Once the new tracks are released, you would have to remove 3 existing tracks from the calendar, before adding them. Ive already removed monaco for china in S2. you cant change the order of the schedule though. That needs to remain ‘in line’ with official calendar.
  10. Hi, the picture is not that clear but it looks like the orange background relates To the braking point content pack. The blue background relates to a livery we were gifted for owning F1 2020. The silver ones are standard livery. You will only get a few of these to start with and will unlock more through podium pass. if your on Pc, just use modds. Much better 😁
  11. Before every pit stop I’ve started to do mid session saves in case anything ‘fishy’ happens and i need to quit and reload. 😆
  12. No, you wont lose the pitcoins. That data is stored on codemasters servers linked to your account. 😁
  13. Im myteam I’m finding the AI are OP in quali compared to the race.
  14. When you renegotiate your contract any money above your base value will be added to a pot you can spend on perks. The theams you can negotiate with will be based on your acclaim level. So probably wont be able to go merc straight away
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