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  1. MassiveNoogies

    Huge understeer problem with Thrustmaster TX

    So I'm not sure if Codemasters did a recent update or what...but the understeer seems to have disappeared. The car now drives how I would think it's supposed to. Amazing... I was on the verge of selling my stuff in favor of Fanatec gear or even going the PC route, but I turned on my Xbox yesterday and begrudgingly connected the wheel just to see if there were more settings I could try and - voila! Without even altering anything, everything was magically better. I have been told by a beta user that 1.03 has more handling model improvements so maybe Christmas came early for wheel users like myself? Either way, I'm extremely grateful.
  2. MassiveNoogies

    Huge understeer problem with Thrustmaster TX

    Any ideas? Where's steviejay69 when I need him...
  3. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. *Understeer...everywhere. Sharp, slow turns aren't too difficult to manage but rather the exits of turns that require a high percentage of throttle, otherwise you get swallowed up by the grid. Some prime examples of the more problematic turns: Turns 1-4 at China Turn 14 at Hungary Turn 10 at Austria Copse at Silverstone Parabolica at Monza 2. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) *1.02 3. Game-mode? *Any, but unsurprisingly worse in race trim as opposed to time trials 4. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. *Too many to count. My go-to places for benchmarking are Copse at Silverstone and turns 1-4 at China; if the car can't attack those properly, then I know more work has to be done. Replication steps are listed below. 5. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue *Lots of time trials at every track strictly for wheel-testing purposes. I have completed all of the troubleshooting fixes listed below. 6. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) *Thrustmaster F1 wheel + TX servo + XBox One 7. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. *Not currently but I'm happy to make one, though I think everyone knows what understeer looks and feels like. Well, here's a repeat of the same problem I had in F1 2019: I'm using the Thrustmaster TX servo + Ferrari F1 wheel on Xbox One No matter what settings I change or to what degree, I cannot get the car to grip and turn in in the same way that I can with a controller. Now, I know what you're probably thinking: "You're carrying too much speed into the turns" "Brake sooner" "It feels different with a wheel, you'll get used to it" "Turn up wheel saturation" "Adjust maximum wheel rotation" "Change the angle of rotation on the servo" "Update the firmware" Etc, etc. But no - It's none of those. The car just always has a lot of understeer, simple as that. As an example, Copse at Silverstone can be taken flat out in 7th with no issues on a controller (8th gear in F1 2020). But with the wheel? You ain't making it through the turn without either lifting or driving way out past the kerbs. So what's the deal? The Thrustmaster F1 rim is listed as a compatible wheel, but it doesn't appear that Codemasters really "supports" it; yeah, you can drive the car and the buttons are all mapped out, but you're gonna be far from competitive. I've spoken to another Ferrari F1 user as well as a couple of TMX owners and they have the same problem. One even went so far as to sell his wheel and pedals since they were clearly a waste of space, with F1 being his primary racing game. So maybe I'm wrong here, but I would think that a wheel should be good out of the box; you make your tweaks here and there based on your driving style, but it should get the job done. So where is the disconnect between Codemasters and Thrustmaster, and how difficult is it for Codemasters to remedy this?
  4. MassiveNoogies

    Huge understeer problem with Thrustmaster TX

    My apologies - "supported" was the wrong word to use; "compatible" was the one I was looking for. The Open Wheel Add-On is not on Codemasters' compatibility list. Although it does physically work (the car turns when I turn the wheel, pedals work fine and buttons can be mapped and all work like they should), it's apparent that there is something wrong that is seemingly unfixable when using that wheel to play F1 on an XBox console related to the steering input. I play F1 with a guy who uses a Fanatec wheel that also isn't on the compatibility list and he says his wheel feels different under all of the presets. Luckily for him though, he doesn't have the same problem I had. So once I get this different wheel later this week, we'll see if that was, indeed, the problem or if the saga continues...
  5. MassiveNoogies

    Huge understeer problem with Thrustmaster TX

    I think a friend of mine may have solved the problem. Apparently the Open Wheel Add On is not listed as a supported wheel from Codemasters for F1 2019 (which they neglected to mention in their response to my issue). So I'm going to send it back, get the F1 wheel that IS supported and report back. Thank you again for all the help!
  6. MassiveNoogies

    Huge understeer problem with Thrustmaster TX

    Either that or possibly even the wheel, I dunno. I don't know how much data gets transferred between the two to determine which one is at fault, but I can't imagine it being anything other than those two things that's causing this problem. When it comes to the mode changes to alter the DOR, there is definitely something that happens, but the lowest setting (270º, which I believe is the default setting when the servo is turned on) just doesn't cut it and of course 900º is just hilariously bad. Overall, the front end is numb and steering input is pretty unresponsive, which of course leads to a lot of understeer. And no matter what the maximum wheel rotation is set to or what mode the DOR is in, I am still able to turn the wheel 450º either direction. The wheel will stop where it should, but it takes very little force to continue rotation. It's amazing that I haven't read about this problem anywhere else... Don't know if the next step for me is to exchange the servo or the wheel but the servo would be my first guess.
  7. MassiveNoogies

    Huge understeer problem with Thrustmaster TX

    I've never used the wheel on PC. I guess I just assumed using the Setup Tool would save the settings to the wheel for use on the XBox since the XBox doesn't offer any sort of settings editor for the wheel. As a matter of fact, under the accessories menu where you can edit your controller configuration, XBox doesn't even show the wheel. It's completely blank, as if no peripheral is connected. But I've never read anywhere that there's supposed to be something there for the wheel, so I guess I'm not missing out on anything there. I've come to the conclusion that - like you said - my maximum wheel rotation is set to 900º, but there is simply no way to change it. Do you think I have a defective TX servo?
  8. MassiveNoogies

    Huge understeer problem with Thrustmaster TX

    As much as I appreciate you reaching out to help, I'll have to add these to the list of solutions that didn't work for me. Oh well... I guess there's only a month left until F1 2020 so all I can do is hope everything is resolved there, otherwise I may be getting a new setup altogether.
  9. MassiveNoogies

    Thrustmaster TX & T3PA pedal settings.

    I just got my Thrustmaster TX servo + Open Wheel Add On + T3PA Pro pedals and I was so excited to finally give them a go but I am having horrible sensitivity issues/massive understeer with my wheel. What settings do you use and do you experience the same problem?
  10. MassiveNoogies

    Huge understeer problem with Thrustmaster TX

    Sorry, I am on XBox One. When I access the Thrustmaster Control Panel on my computer, the wheel rotation/angle appears to be set to 360º. In F1 2019, I also have the maximum wheel rotation set to 360º. Thanks for your help with this.
  11. Hello all, I recently hooked up the Thrustmaster TX servo + open wheel add on + T3PA pedal setup and couldn't wait to find out what I was capable of with a wheel as opposed to a controller only to be let down with MASSIVE amounts of understeer on track. And before anyone asks - no, I'm not carrying too much speed into the turns. I've tried adjusting the maximum wheel rotation, steering saturation, updated the firmware for the servo, etc., and nothing seems to work. Also, with setting the maximum wheel rotation to the lowest possible number (180º), I've noticed that while idling on track the game restricts the turning of the wheel to 90º one way or the other, as it should. However, once I start driving and enter a turn, I am able to turn the wheel 450º either direction. I'm going to take a wild guess that this should not be possible. In addition, the on-screen driver will have his hands positioned at HALF the turning radius of my actual hands! Just to show the amount of wheel rotation that is being asked of me, I watched Bottas's 2019 pole lap at China and noticed he turned the wheel a maximum of maybe 100º at the beginning of the first sector, whereas I am having to turn 180º or more. There are even some turns where I have to let go of the wheel with one hand and reposition the other just to get the wheel to rotate enough in order to maintain any slightly respectable amount of speed through a corner due to the fact that my arms can only cross over each other so far before I have to twist my body to accommodate them. Thanks ahead of time for any help with this issue!