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  1. I have a problem with texture's quality. In some areas it just strangely blinking. I marked some examples: 



    I run the game on following graphic's settings:




    In two previous F1 games (2018, 2019) I've been playing on similiar setting and I haven't experienced anything like that, but in 2020 it appears since first run. Also when I'm driving in midnight lights are blinking, it might be the same problem. I tried some switches, but nothing changed. Any ideas for solution ? 

  2. On 8/3/2020 at 11:05 PM, BlueSilhouette said:

    That's my main struggle as well.. Some circuits I qualify on pole by +1s, but in the race can't manage to put it together.. A few laps will do, but as soon as the AI closes in, I'm directly lost.

    Thereby I think I have decent experience with F1 games. Used to race time trial most of the time and able to set some decent times. In the race I feel the AI level of 50 (and in which I struggle) is not in comparison to my experience and time trail times.

    Any tips involving these experiences in races?

    For me the soulution was turning off carcass tire temperature, on Hungaroring I've been overheating front tires massively, in the third sector front left tire's temperature was up to 112℃ after few laps and I wasn't able to manage that. 

  3. I just switched off the game because of strange bug with safety car. I was driving 100% race in Baku. At some point SC went out because of Kvyat's DNF. Then left the circuit and on the next lap I had another SC, this time Stroll retired. But the process repeated again, less then a lap of racing and SC came out again, but this time for no reason - no DNF, I watched replay and didn't spot any debris, Verstappen retired during the third Safety Car. And again - in exactly the same place as on previous occasions, when I was in castle section I had fourth consecutive SC. I didn't even check if something happened, I just turned off the race irritated. 

  4. I'm driving a lot on Hungaroring in recent days as we have the real race there this weekend and I'm struggling as hell in the race. In qualifying I'm really quick, in the top cars I easly get pole position, in cars from the middle of the pecking order Q3 is not a problem (I just took P4 in Racing Point), but in the race they are just massively faster than me, whereas I really don't think that I make too many mistakes. 

  5. At the moment I feel like AI balance has also been improved. In F1 2019 I was struggling a lot to match with AI level in Baku or on Hungaroring without any setup, whilst on Silverstone I was very fast. Until now, I have only completed some qualifying sessions, but it seems like my performence is very similar on these circuits, if I'm not even a little bit slower on Silverstone. 

  6. Yeah, especially a handling model is very pleasant, driving these cars is a great feeling comparing to previous versions od that game. I hope that existing bugs are gonna be fixed and we will have new liveries and update od performance as soon as possible, than it would be the best F1 game without a shadow of a doubt.

  7. I experienced something strange after my race in Bahrain (career mode). I was driving on 13th place and on the finish line I was moved into 11th. I've been sure that drivers in front of me picked up penalties, but it was not the case (no penalties in race results). I'm quite sure that during a race Raikkonen and Giovinazzi were in front of me, but in the results both Alfa Romeo's cars were on last places. 

    Haven't anyone seen something like that ?

  8. Isn't it better with Ferrari's performance right now ? I just saw race in Austria from Beatdown Racing on Youtube (in GP mode as Alex Albon) and there Leclerc finished P5 and Vettel P10. 

  9. Is F1 2020 gonna work on Windows 7 ? Theoretically, in the system requirements it is cleary stated, that the game is dedicated only for Windows 10, but on certain websites I read that: "DirectX 11 mode is likely included with F1 2020 to continue supporting OS' like Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1."

    So what is the truth ?