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  1. Zé Encolha

    GRID (2019) Needs to improve car engine sound

    Damn it. . If you say that you are among the best you have heard among racing games you have played, unfortunately you do not share the same feeling that make up the set that makes a racing game involve me. Thanks for answering.
  2. I am a player who values the whole of what we see on the screen, what we feel in control and what we hear when accelerating and reducing in a racing game. Being brief here. . This last GRID is a very cool game, in almost everything after GRID 2, but I've been following people who post the updated game and the boredom still exists when I hear 3 minutes of the sound of the car that is running. Even with the quality of the tracks, the appearance of the cars and the environment. As I said . . ; it is a set. It may even have average graphics, but gameplay and sound count for a lot of people. Currently I have stopped playing GRID 2 less than 1 year ago, as it has greatly reduced players even before the release of GRID (2019), but me and 30 more friends are waiting for improvements in the game to buy. But today I decided to create this topic about sound because it is the one that keeps me from really wanting to play the game. And there is no way to say that it is an unknown step. Because the environments and dimensions of the last GRIDs have been reworked, review the sound files of the cars already in them as well. If the problem is to recreate. If this GRID (2019) had the same engine sounds as GRID 2 copied to the new cars that are the same model that it has in both Games, I would be playing for a while and creating new friends. The GRID 2 sound is the best in the franchise. I look forward to hearing the identity of the roar of these cars in this new GRID. Grateful.