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  1. I'm with @Hichel18 in this one. We all had to learn how to properly deal with kerbs this year as you cannot ride or even put a wheel on them without modulating your throttle or brake inputs, but traction feels just better this time around. It's like we can feel the limit of grip better, we have a better reading of when the tires are starting to break traction. I play on the pad with no assists and it feels like I can drive on the edge way more frequently than before. Up to F1 2020 it was almost like if there was a hard limit for breaking traction, a cliff. Obviously we spin and lock up ju
  2. @dwin20 yep, he's a great chap and with a great piece of software to go along. I always name him and our pal ender from PXG F1 Telemetry in my daily praying.
  3. Amigo, joia? Tem altos tópicos sobre o assunto rolando já, inclusive um pinado aqui na página. Sem data ainda, mas os circuitos serão incorporados de boa nos seus saves de carreira já em curso, sem necessidade de começar do zero. Ficarão disponíveis assim que você começar uma nova temporada. A comunidade aqui é internacional. De brazuca só sei de mim e de um outro fera que há tempos que não vejo. O ideal seria manter as postagens em inglês se quiser resposta - foi sorte eu topar com seu tópico aqui.
  4. @PJTierney has great material on it. Do you play with both the index and the middle finger on the triggers? If that's so, just keep your custom layout. Now if you're activating both the bumper and the trigger with only the index, I'd revert it back to the default (X and square for shifting). Play around with Brake Linearity and Brake Saturation in the Calibration tab of the settings, too. Find a value that allows you to consistently apply low and medium braking force. I used to play with 40 brake linearity and went on to 20 or 25 now I think. Then make sure to alway
  5. Because of the layout of the track and specially the elevation changes, T7 is one of the trickiest. It is cambered for the most part, loading the outside tyres, but as you open up on corner exit on the right side of the track that camber is suddenly gone. That, and being uphill. This results in a tendency to oversteer on entry and mid corner and to understeer on corner exit. In my opinion, this is all about driver input, not setup. With my "final" setup I can still screw up just as badly if I enter with too much throttle, steering lock, and ride at an angle over the kerbs on corner entry.
  6. @steviejay69 I'm faaairly sure I used to run my Tyre Wear programs on fresh sets on FR 2020 so I wouldn't know if that was already the case there, but the telemetry in the game can gauge tyre wear (1) per tyre and (2) per lap. So even if it is not a bug in itself, I'm not sure it's the intended behavior. The program's intention is to assess the driver's ability in managing his tyres. It should take into account his performance in the practice run, not the overall wear level as is?
  7. This, 100%. And what @2Pacalypse (what a gorgeous username) said. It's impractical and, frankly, boring as heck to discuss handling and car behavior without either a video or a thorough report from the player. T Throttle is not binary, it is not a either full or closed input. The game registers every minute step of user input and yet people complain like if they're expecting to drive a Clio on Gran Turismo Sport with default assists on. And here I'm being generic, not targeting OP at all. Just watch any real F1 onboard. The top 20 drivers in the world, the select few that are a
  8. Platinum hunt was and probably never will be a thing for me as it always entails diving deep on every aspect of a game. Even if it doesn't requires you to master every aspect, which should never be the case in my opinion, it compels you to dive in on everything the game has to offer. Asking to cut trophies related to any activity other and plain racing in a F1 game seems like a shortcut to me with no parallel that I know of, mate. The game has an online component that the devs at least want to solidify – with a whole esports scene and all, official F1 teams having esports teams and even c
  9. The DRS being available or not is solely up to the Race Director's discretion based on whether the track conditions are safe. That and the first two laps after start, restarts and safety cars. It will obviously maintain a correlation with the weather, but it in no way means "water falling ➠ no DRS". What criteria the game uses to simulate that system used to work fairly well in my opinion and I haven't played enough under wet conditions on F1 2021 to speak about it. Track and weather cannot be taken separately when it comes to DRS, mate. It can still be raining and the race direc
  10. @CarloLewis my mom's. Oh, I'm definitely setting him up as my "new email" in the auntie's group. If he will embrace Geezus that's up to him but he's absolutely going to find him on his inbox.
  11. marioho

    Tyres management

    Haha by "impression" I meant "I'm as sure as I can he without actually putting it to the wire and testing". Regarding real drivers, I'd not be so sure as different cars treat and wear their tyres (very) differently. A Haas or a Ferrari cannot be as performant with the same setup as an Alpha Tauri or a Mercedes. As a rule of thumb, yes, undoubtedly every team will run as low pressure as they can afford and, yes, the good teams will test Pirelli lower limits.
  12. Any change for the better is more than welcomed. I bought this game to have fun playing, not to set a time bending fast lap and let it rest. I chuckled.
  13. I haven't started career proper. The exclusion of this aspect is so disappointing... That Q&A with David Greco cannot come soon enough. I'm all in for the streamlined UX but this is a step too much and looks at odds with the direction the game went with the driving model.
  14. marioho

    Tyres management

    My impression is that tyre pressures in the game are more of "balance it right and you'll be ok and balance it wrong and we'll chew you up". Meaning that in races, a bad tyre setup (which includes suspension geometry) will kill your stints. Now if they're setting records with max pressures Codemasters should most definitely look into it as it doesn't seem – or at least should not be – the intended result.
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