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  1. marioho

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    If he wants to get better on manual gears, going back to automatic transmission won't do him no good. @vTeritron I watched only once and I'm on mobile, sorry for that. Will get back to you once I'm on PC. But a few tidbits: Zandvoort is rad, isn't it?! Haha love the track. But it's not the best one around to analyze one's driving with its lots of elevation changes and curving braking zones. It would be better if you could make a lap on a more traditional track, specially one with high and low speed corners. Even so, your braking seems to be all over the place, mate. See how you apply like 40% braking pressure, drop it to 20%, spike it again to 80% and so on? That's very detrimental. It has to do with grip. Grip is used for everything: accelerating, braking and turning. And the way these cars go around, with their massive power and downforce and speed, they have to take corners very deliberately in order to not screw their trajectory. If you're braking and turning (and sometimes even applying throttle) at the same time you won't be doing any of those things right. I mean, there's trail braking, a great technique specially for low speed corners where you're coming in hot and fast, but that's not what you're doing here - there's an actual technique for that. Notice the gearbox screeching when you downshift? That's not good. Not only for component wear, but for your performance too. When you downshift or upshift at the wrong moment in those transient handling situations (e.g. mid turning) you unsettle the car, makes it unstable. You're downshifting way too early sometimes. Go by sound, push on hard on the brakes and let the engine slow down a bit before beginning to downshift. Like a second or half a second of pure braking before going down on the gears. Notice how it sounds way different, then go by sound from there on while you try to get the first downshift closer to the moment you stomp on the brakes. There are proper techniques for that too and Driver61 probably has a video on the subject, but you can work wonders just by seeing things for yourself now. I think you'll benefit the most by watching a hotlap video by some youtuber out there. Better yet if you could watch their video and yours side by side. Pay attention to how the brake and how they downshift. Your throttle application can get better too but that's too dependant on how your car is positioned in the corner and this will change a lot once you get better on those points, so one thing at a time.
  2. marioho

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    Upload it to Youtube or other video hosting solution.
  3. marioho

    F1 2020 Codemasters Anti Cheat Measures

    Cheats are a thing and if I'm not mistaken CM themselves have admitted that they're kind of in a pickle regarding those cheats that work with the files loaded on the RAM, as if they adopted any of major solutions out there the experience would take a hit for those playing on Mac or Linux just to begin with, something like that. I agree with the sentiment though. Ranting consumes the community as most often than not they're not simply reporting a glitch or a cheat, but unloading their frustration. It's like sitting next to an arguing couple on a restaurant, it just embitters food in your mouth. Now reporting is way different than ranting. CM is lagging behind in not putting in place proper channels for reports of this kind. We should be able to flag possible cheaters either in game or through a dedicated channel.
  4. marioho

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    Yeah, just checked and came here to edit my post. There's a reason for Scot not being there bending steel beams left and right. He's not Nigel's. Anyway his channel is great! I've linked a few of his videos here already. @cgfdoo I'd give your platform a go if you're willing to shoot me a PM.
  5. marioho

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    Not in a million years I'd have guessed. For real? Nigel is a stud with forearms than bend steering wheels. Scott is so... affable?
  6. marioho

    France - Paul Ricard

    @KNT2011 please pop up more often, missed you sweetie. I'm here just perusing the thread from time to time. I really like France and Bahrain is one of my favorite tracks, including (if not specially) the canted left hander.
  7. marioho

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    This is part setup, part driving style. You said you just use "Chino" (never heard of) setups or go with the default ones. Well, there's a reason people use different setups, to match with their driving style and get the most performance out of their car. There's no way around it, mate. You need to improve on both the way you drive and the way you understand setups. If you only go by other people's choices without handling the car the same as they do, you'll never get the same results. And there's no telling what you are doing wrong with that description alone. It's too vague. Please post a video by either using the Share function in the PS4 or the alternative that your platform provides. Yes, there is cheating in the game, but it's by a minority of players. Like 0.2-1% of the player base, if I were to bet on it, and certainly not in those laptimes range. Edit: My point is cheating should not even cross your mind when you didn't nail down the fundamentals yet. Players who encounter cheaters are those on the top 20 of the leaderboards. And please turn on the upshift tone on the settings. It's a beep that goes on when it's the ideal time to upshift, just like it is on real F1. Mate, simply by not upshifting at the right moment you could be leaving 0.2-0.4 seconds per corner. That is huge.
  8. marioho

    Brake red lights

    The red blinking lights you see on the back of real F1 are not brake lights. They're ERS lights and light up when the MGU-K is harvesting IIRC.
  9. marioho

    Please help me understand what is going on here?

    @janbonator you're correct, sorry for that. Never occurred to me to test varying setups like these so wildly but you definitely got a point there. Do you know if these things scale with R&D though? I don't remember being so power limited throughout the calendar when keeping a correct setup. However it still doesn't fit @halfblindgamer description has he's running the same setup on quali and race and said it was ok on practice and quali sessions.
  10. marioho

    Please help me understand what is going on here?

    I'm on mobile right now but if you browse through my post history I made a big report long ago about a buggy experience I had in Hungary. I never managed to replicate it but that's the closed I had to what you're describing. Another differential factor you have on races are pit stops. In that bug, for whatever reason my car couldn't get to top speeds or high RPMs after flashbacking on pit entry. Ages after the post I remember another user reporting something similar too but not as drastic. Anyway, it still makes no sense for it to be upgrade related to me. When you upgrade your car properly you'll have a better performance when working at maximum capacity. Here your car is refusing to work at maximum capacity. Edit: the similar report we got. IIRC it's more in line with your experience @halfblindgamer https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/59255-race-top-speed-too-low-possible-pit-stop-bug-your-experiences-wanted/?tab=comments#comment-559834
  11. marioho

    Please help me understand what is going on here?

    I think there's a higher probability of it being a bug than something related to upgrades. Either faulty components or a bug, I wouldn't put my money on upgrades. By your description, your PU isn't able to perform at their maximum. If it were the car - too much drag, too heavy, whatever - your experience would be way different. You would hit the top revs on 8th gear (even easier, btw) but have a poor top speed. If you overload your carriage, your horses will still sweat like hell. In this case your horses are refusing to gallop.
  12. marioho

    Please help me understand what is going on here?

    What you're describing is a component fault. Your PU seems to not be able to run at that work rate anymore, for whatever reason. The thing is, you said you installed a new ICE already? Did you get a new turbocharger and MGU-K too? And what power loss alert is that you're talking about? One by Jeff or an icon on the MFD? If so that's another reason to with the component failure as that's what triggers such warnings, not your driving. If for whatever reason your drag went through the roof, you'd still be getting your engine at its top speed (RPM). Matter of factely you'd probably get there even faster as you'd have more resistance, less speed and more time on the straight.
  13. marioho

    PS5 crossover

    Not exactly. Every game submitted for certification after July 13th must forwards compatible with the PS5, but that has nothing to do with forward compatibility regarding other titles. As of Cerny's March presentation they had already attested the compatibility of pretty much every game in the PS4 top 100 most played titles, through which they projected that the vast majority of the whole PS4 library would be as well. And yesterday Jim Ryan said that the PS5 will be backwards compatible with 99% of the whole 4000+ PS4 library. The whole July 13th business was just an extra certification loop devs have to go through to get the ok stamp on their games.
  14. marioho

    Career mode car

    Shouldn't it rank the same as the Merc? It is the FOM car after all.
  15. @MuzLFlasH Google (and twitter) is our friend in times like these and I may be mistaken here, but I think it was always stated that what we got we pre orders were season one of podium pass, not the whole thing. Same with the in game purchase of the VIP podium pass.