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  1. @ScaredDuck it may lighten up your day to read about how some of the big dogs of the industry are dealing with the latest hot topics. Actvision and the recent walkout and strike over the treatment of Quality Assurance – QA testers. More context; Activision and a pay to win skin for their latest Call of Duty that literally makes players invisible. Two weeks and counting, I think? EA blaming their arguably flopped latest Battlefield release on players for getting their expectations too high EA's DICE removing one of the most liked game modes from their
  2. @ScaredDuck is the man for long career games. I take for gospel whatever he says. At this point in the development cycle of the franchise, with focus most definitely placed on F1 2022 already, I wouldn't hold my hopes high for a fix.
  3. Hey, @DonBlanko! Sorry for leaving you hanging! Let's blame the western traditions of holidays. The off-throttle differential will influence the car rotation when braking and turning simultaneously or when simply turning. With, obviously, the proverbial foot away of the hypothetical throttle. If you exceed the grip available to your rear tires as you enter a corner with the off diff. too opened up, probably by coming in too hot, the car will oversteer as each wheel spins unfetteredly and there's nothing to sap some of that excess spin from the outside wheel. That's pretty much t
  4. He's said a handful of times already that he'd take the #1 if he won and today it's been apparently confirmed already since the weekend. I say apparently only because I already heard from him directly in one of the times the media pestered him with the question, so didn't feel like reading beyond the multiple headlines. Drivers and their racing numbers. Some treat them as a thing of mysticism almost, some pour a lot of personal meaning into it. There's the whole marketing side of things too, but Max? I think that, of the current grid, he's probably the one I'd be most certain would grab t
  5. Do you play with assists on? Some aspects of the handling do get significantly different, hopefully better, as you make your way up the R&D scale. I do change my setups from time to time, but those are mostly small adjustments just to cope with whatever deficiency my car is mostly hurt by at the moment. When I first got to play these games for real I remember neglecting or at least not caring enough for chassis upgrades until it felt like driving a rocket with tiny puny wooden wheels and it needed some lopsided adjustments to my suspension to – literally – be able to drive around the
  6. @SmokyAtom07 Abu Dhabi always struck me as a venue that had do accommodate ok racing with great on-track venues. The race got better, but were not for the championship closing I doubt it would rank much high on anyone's book. The headlines made it like Interlagos was at risk, but from the beginning it was a ludicrous and ill intended idea. One of the main names behind the push for the new track in Rio went on to say that Sao Paulo's mayor wanted to put Interlagos to the ground and construct commercial and business buildings in the area. That was obviously false. What was unfortunately tru
  7. Hey, @Cyberdude450! If you could upload a clip of you driving there it would help. Guys got you covered already on the setup, but your line is just as important. The immediate hotfix would be the suggested by @ScaredDuck. Even a partial lift off the throttle would help immensely with taming the car. You could go on this way, lifting less and less while you adjust your line until you find your sweet spot. To take it flat out, assuming you have a good enough setup, the steering is very minimal. From the top of my head, I don't even flick the analog stick past the 2 or 10 o'clock right
  8. To dig on this and what @SmokyAtom07 is discussing, that's one aspect that makes me feel quite at ease with Mercedes being almost a juggernaut these past seasons. If you listen to the stories of the... "older" days, like Aldo Costa and if I'm not mistaken Berger's interviews with Tom Clarkson you get a glimpse at the "survival of the fittest" environment that Ferrari instilled. They were losing skillful engineers like crazy with the constant rug pulling and politics they had. Not that I am a fan of bland brands without character. Hopefully Mercedes is far from that. But I do like an unde
  9. @zApPaDiEtRo how's the texture when in contact with sensitive bits? Asking for a friend. Saw some reviews today. Looks like it was sensible to keep expectations low. Quite barebones. Would still like to see a more in-depth look in the driving handling and setups, but so far looks like a game I won't even bother on a low price. I'll be sitting on this until the next iterations.
  10. I think there are two concurrent measures for the betterment of the sport in place: 2022 and 2025 (engine) regs Budget cap They kind of aim at different things though. The regs are coming to keep the sport relevant technology wise and give us better racing, but it's the budget cap that will try to truly reign in the competition problem. @ScaredDuck bringing football into the scene is actually relevant. The competition issue will be addresses or at least ameliorated by tackling what is arguably the greatest un-equalizer in football today: pouring money when others can o
  11. @zApPaDiEtRo the main communities around GT I follow are on Reddit and seems to me they're quite hyped about it. Glad that a seemingly deep career mode is on the works again, for starters. It being announced as a cross gen title was met with the expected disappointment though.
  12. Or Brazil 2009 though being the penultimate entry on the calendar, you're Jenson Button having lunch in a restaurant and needs to win to secure the championship over Vettel and Brazilian teammate Barrichello and someone puts a freaking step ladder on the exit just for you to pass under and have bad luck. Next year's cars are a mystery yet. Well, that's kind of a given, but a couple months ago people were guesstimating up to 4 seconds slower. Now we're hearing 0.5 slower at the start of the season and equal by the end of the year. That's performance, not handling, but goes to show
  13. Well, that depends on the missus/mister said plumber has waiting at home I guess.
  14. Listen to @ScaredDuck, he knows his controllers. There's also this post by Barry: Why do you use "right right left left" for the suspension geometry? You're basically setting your car up for a spin unless you're skillful enough to catch it quickly when it acts up. By running with minimum camber like this ("right right") you're reducing how much tyre gets in contact with the asphalt when you turn. Minimum front toe doesn't seem to be an issue for you, but minimum rear toe (the last "left") will hurt your car's stability. You'd better off starting with the default setups and adjusting
  15. This "official calendar" ball ping ponging around... It's not like we have one single and immutable official calendar and all others are alternate versions. The official calendar is always that, official, and it changes as negotiations evolve and stuff happens. For 2021, Imola was officially announced on January, Portimao on early March only, while Australia was shifted forwards on January and officially dropped on July and Canada officially dropped on April. All those tracks figure in this year's game, though. Now Turkey was officially announced on April, dropped on May and readded on Ju
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