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  1. marioho

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Well, we need to take in account the impact of running under Max Fuel Mix as we do on Qualy, but yeah, I definitely felt faster on P3 compared to P1.
  2. marioho

    Patch 1.04 ps4.

    Just happened to me too. Installed, got the system confirmation but the title screen displays the 1.03 on the lower left corner. As long as it is just the text wrong, I'm good.
  3. marioho

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    @David Greco CM it was asked a couple pages ago but can you confirm that the rubberizing effect of the track has been accentuated this year? I'll start to take notes for real but seems to me that my laptimes across all three practice sessions improves way more than on F1 2019. I even gave up trying the Qualy Pace programme on P2 and left it for P3 because of the apparent differences in grip.
  4. marioho

    A different customisation (or lack thereof) gripe

    Just write Scvderia and there you have it, your favorite word in the world with a stylized typeface to express how daring and bold your brand is. Same goes for H0nda.
  5. marioho

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    I know how frustrating it can be but regardless of how the UI work or should work, the description of the camber settings is spot on and clear things up on how to set up your car. I don't remember the wording by heart but it mentions adding more negative camber to achieve this or that. As David say, just look at the numbers. And it is not a glitch per se. If it were the other way around you bet there would people chiming it saying that it is confusing that a negative number could be presented as being a greater numeric value than a "less negative" one in a slider.
  6. marioho

    A different customisation (or lack thereof) gripe

    As an attorney practicing business law for 7 years, speaker of three languages with the ability to read in four and an internet warrior for all my life, this one tops the day on arrogance. People don't have the slightest idea of the arm wrestle that goes between a licensor and licensee when negotiating a contract. The IP owner is not trying to be reasonable, he's trying to be overprotective of his property. It's up to the lawyers to jostle around until an agreement is reached - and I have yet to see one that is not a compromise, meaning not exactly what you as an uninterested party would call reasonable. Unloading such a harsh tone on Codemasters is not fair. Simply put.
  7. I tend to agree with @BelgiumDude. My first impression actually was that the game looks better. Not in asset quality specifically, but in the mix of colors and lighting. Trees I didn't notice when playing. Lights and shadows are way more impactful and I like how they are now. "Night and day", "clearly", "evident" and so on are very strong words to adjective the issue - assuming there is one.
  8. marioho

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Thank you! But #3 was referring to engine wear. Rich mix will wear your ICE faster, but I've seen people saying that Lean will do the same as it is not the optimal combustion mix and I've seen others saying that the engine damage is reduced on this mode compared to both standard and rich.
  9. marioho

    Qualifying Times Scripted?

    Guess I am just lucky to not have ever encountered such a glitch. Or plain stupid for not understanding your writing. ✌️
  10. marioho

    Qualifying Times Scripted?

    Could you please try to rephrase the problem? If you skipped the session when there was still 1:30 left on the clock, how do you know he didn't leave the pit lane in the meantime? I usually watch the onboard camera at the end of the qualy. Maybe it went unoticed, but I never saw anyone not on a flying lap (even if barely starting one) get a new time on the standings. If you're on the garage and the time expires, you'll get a black screen transitioning to the standings. If you are on the track and manage to cross the line (thus starting a new flying lap) just when the session ends you'll see that the qualy actually continues until everybody finishes their flying laps, including you. That's the same with real F1. If you are yet on your out lap when the time expires, the session will end immediately.
  11. marioho

    Qualifying Times Scripted?

    I don't know if I got your example right. You say that when there was 1:30 left, you skipped the session to go to Q2? 1:30 seems plenty of time for him to finish is outlap. Even if he crosses the line with only 0.1 second left he is still allowed to carry on with his flying lap.
  12. marioho


    You gain Pitcoins for unlocking specific levels on the podium pass, but I don't know if there is another method. I would love to have another method.
  13. marioho

    Qualifying Times Scripted?

    He probably concluded his second out lap and started his flying lap before the end of the session. As per FIA rules, any driver that crosses the line before the end of the qualifying session is allowed to finish his hot lap attempt. It is actually very common for drivers to leave the garage on the last minutes of the qualifying session. The track is more rubberized and they may even get some tow. Better grip, juicy slipstream... Meaning, faster times. Edit: next time keep your eyes on the Broadcast tab during the last 3 or so minutes of the qualy session. You'll probably see a multitude of drivers leaving the pit lane.
  14. marioho

    Ai race starts

    How do you delete someone's else post? Just kidding. Nah mate, I'm only going into my third GP but so far the experience has been fantastic! Last game I felt like I needed to have a perfect start to not lose positions for rocketing back-in-the-grid drivers. Now it feels so realistic, with some drivers launching on a good start, some spinning in place and I even saw Sainz apparently stalling!
  15. marioho

    Save colour presets

    @BelgiumDude I use https://coolors.co/ whenever I need to get an idea for a palette. You can switch the color matching method, tones and even switch the color code for the HSL system the game uses. It is still a pain to manually adjust each slider on the game though.