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  1. I made an Excel spreadsheet to organize my setups, track my performance, and give me an insight on the AI levels. There are two worksheets in it. The first is for the setups and performance. There's a table for each GP and it is sectioned with the car setup and a few items I find interesting in the Practice Programs and the Qualifying rounds. Alongside the car setups you have slots to fill with setups you find online and there are two columns that will give you (1) the median average for a given slider and (2) the mode average for it – i.e. which value is the most common one, if there is one. This way if you gather a bunch of setups but some of them are outliers, it is easier to identify which ones are on the "right" ballpark. Under the setups you'll be mostly filling in with fuel usage and time laps for the different practice programs and the qualifying. There are rows to compare those laps with (1) your teammate, (2) the 1st CPU in the grid and (3) the 6th CPU in the grid. It goes without saying but you can change those parameters to your heart's desire. The second worksheet is to get a hold on the AI levels. Since your teammate is your first rival, I usually try to set the AI at a level where I'm in unceasing fight with him, either having an edge or infrequently topping him depending if I am the team’s 1st or 2nd driver. From what I heard, you should dial it up or down 1-2 notches for each 0.1 second difference, but this is my first racing game in more than a decade, it is hard as hell to get it right because I’m often improving during that session. To thwart that, instead of simply filling the worksheet with the race AI level, I do a simple average of the whole GP accordingly to the data on the main worksheet. In this second worksheet you will just fill in the AI level, the qualy laps for you, your teammate and the 1st and 6th CPU, and their respective best laps on the race. There are formulas in the delta rows and formatting rules in the cells so it should automatically calculate the delta and highlight the whole thing dependent on it being a positive or negative delta. I did a chart with the qualy deltas just to ease the visualization part of it too, but it came out dreadful. I am using a custom number format for the lap times on the whole workbook. It is [mm]:ss,000 or ss,000 depending on the context. Sorry about the comma, that’s the decimal separator I primarily use on my country and I wasn’t feeling like fiddling with Excel’s underbelly just to adapt it for the rest of the world. The file is partially filled up and it is a mishmashly hodgepodge jumble of numbers. This is not the original file and I wasn’t meticulous on duplicating everything, but at least you’ll hit the ground running already. I'm more of a Word guy, though, and it really shows. The workbook is as ugly as they come. But my intentions were good! Those with a keen eye may notice I used a few official hex codes when color coding some elements... F1 2019 Setups and Career Performance.xlsx
  2. Silliest of topics but I had to ask. Formation laps. Is it by design that the AI doesn't weave to heat their tyres anymore? Race day kerfuffle. That opening cutscene varies, but I've noticed that when the acrobatic planes fly by they don't have a trail of colored smoke anymore. Is it by design? Because if those are indeed bugs I demand a fix before any Ferrari nerf and My Team breaking glitches. Priorities, people.
  3. Haha good to hear, Scrogs! You probably had an easier time driving in Bahrain and the shorter duration made it so that there was a narrower window for things to go sour. In Australia you did not qualify well and even if you could cut your way through a few positions, your first lap shenanigans made it hard to recover. I don't think race length messes with the AI behavior but I could be wrong. Maybe they're more or less... carefree? I doubt though.
  4. marioho

    Will F1 2020 look better on PS5?

    We all will know in time. People act like if CM is lagging behind other publishers. Yes, we've had a few step out and say how things will go with the next gen transition. But I've got a pile of games on my shelf that I have not the remotest idea on performance patches, visual upgrades or save compatibility. Heck, not even official confirmation on backwards compatibility, even though that's practically a given. We all want the same thing. It's the attitude that varies and that matters a lot.
  5. marioho

    Difference in setups wheel v pad

    Hey Dunky, what do you mean? I've found the game to be representative of what I'm aiming for with their sliders, both on handling and on tyre wear. It's still a martyrdom to set up the tyres correctly with the lack of telemetry info the game displays by default, but most of it is manageable with the help of a telemetry app. If you're talking about the differences in performance between TT and race setups, I do feel there's too great of a difference there because of the way the tyres overheat with those left/right setups with aggressive suspension. Tracks like Barcelona, with full throttle high speed corners, are hardly taken perfectly for more than 2 laps because of temperatures and resulting loss of grip.
  6. Maybe. Did you see Justin Timberlake spearheading NSYNC's victory over the Backstreet Boys on Monaco last weekend?
  7. marioho

    Difference in setups wheel v pad

    At first I used to check what input device the setup was for. Found it useless. You're better off paying attention to how aggressive suspension geometry and suspension settings are, as there lies perhaps the greatest difference between pad and wheels: your ability to apply corrections and to be granular on inputs. I wouldn't worry about input device. Checking if it is a Time Trial setup or a race one is more important in my opinion.
  8. marioho

    Frequent crashing/freezing lately

    Standardized reports to facilitate data evaluation and troubleshooting procedures is something alien to you? Got some bad news then. We have similar approaches in my office, from our small TI troubleshooting to audit circularization letters for our clients - and we're as far from working with software development as Williams is from snatching a podium this season. These things exist for a reason. Damn, I require repetitions attempt and detailed step by step replication reports even to help my mom when she cannot login to her Facebook account.
  9. marioho

    Utterly Broken Career Mode

    @USPBauer24 perhaps to give a better picture and to allow Codemasters to assess what triggered your firing you could attach a screenshot of the season results (that screen with the position of every driver through every event) and the R&D Progress History (the charts with lines indicating each team's progress on the R&D side of things). Reading your reports does make it seem like the boot was uncalled for but it doesn't show how your expected performance could have changed. Whether it is a bug or a balancing issue of different criterias not carrying appropriate weight on your performance evaluation by the game, that whole data is relevant.
  10. marioho

    Zanzare sponsor confusion

    Is Zanzare one of the secondary sponsors? If so, it is a weekly bonus. Get a podium on the event, the bonus is paid. If I remember correctly Zanzare is the one with "get at least one podium position within the team" goal, right? Then that's it. Whenever you and/or your teammate finish a race on the podium you get paid the event bonus.
  11. marioho

    Utterly Broken Career Mode

    @DRTApophis in this case I tend to agree with OP, if the game didn't give any clue or cue about his performance not meeting the team's expectations. I think it's a bit of wishful thinking on our part to see in there an element of realism. These things surely happen, but as you said, this should have been signaled somehow. Perhaps this should be posted on the Technical Assistance forum. Even if it's not a bug per se, looks like the system isn't functioning as intended as there seems to be no evident criteria for the game to decide on booting him out of the seat.
  12. marioho

    Let me turn corner cut penalties off in career mode

    No need to be harsh on others, pal. This is a player community, not consumer service. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion and so far looks like there ain't many under your flag. Not very productive to be throwing the "I don't care" stone on others' roof in this case. I'd be lying if I said I booted up the replay everytime I got a warning or time penalty for corner cutting or leaving the tracks, but I remember getting out with a "oh I see" impression the few times I did so. There are infamous instances of specific corners being way off, but on the whole it's not very often I see people disagreeing with the game enforcement of track limits. Penalties, sure, I've seen it popping up occasionally. But not track limits. That last bit about cockpit cam though I honestly have no idea where you're coming from if you think that's a reasonable comparison to make.
  13. marioho

    Let me turn corner cut penalties off in career mode

    That is a huge factor, but looks like it's not what OP was on about. As @GnrDreagon said I think the game tries to simulate that as there are indeed several instances where I end up with more wheels than I'd like outside the track when jostling with competition and the game gives me a free pass. I don't have much to say about how accurate or consistent it is as I don't usually go back to the replays to check if indeed I went outside, nor am I one to really care about knowing all the track boundaries, all the tracks. I know I'm leaving time on the table this way, but basically I assume that I can put two wheels on the kerbs to use the full width of the track on corner exit and that if there's a strip of grippy tarmac or paint beyond the kerbs, like um Hungary, I can put a wheel there too. Let the game put styrofoam boards there and you can bet I'm putting it on Regular just to make it Christmas every Sunday.
  14. marioho

    Fuel Startegy issue

    Just some quick notes. Three laps on Hungary done completely under one fuel setting. Sorry, not the best test track for this issue but that's the save I had booted up on GP mode already. Fuel consumption and projection as recorded by a telemetry app, units in kg: The maximum fuel allowance as per FIA regs is 110kg. And you have F1 teams doing deliberate choices on their paint materials to save on a couple hundred grams of weight. I don't think the game should keep on fiddling with the maximum fuel load the player can put in their tanks, expecting to rely on rich fuel mix doesn't seem feasible to me.
  15. marioho

    Fuel Startegy issue

    One decisive factor in skewing the fuel load range available for you is the way you do the race strategy programme, so it would be helpful to know what you that "no matter how I do..." actually entails. The standard fuel mode is the optimal mix for efficiency and power. Lean mix is intended just so save fuel on the go, like under a safety car or if you anticipate needing some extra for a bit more of power for defending or overtaking in a couple laps. Rich mix is helluva inefficient both for component wear and fuel consumption. It is not for constant use, but to be turned on when in scenarios where your car is power limited. So basically straights or stretches you take full throttle. The usage is akin to that of the Overtake mode, short bursts. This is probably useless comments. It's just that I've never seen someone running the race strategy programme on standard fuel mix and the majority of the race on standard fuel mix and having big issues with not being able to properly fuel the car.
  16. marioho

    Is My Team too easy?

    Reaching, yes. I agree. But maintaining... I think that's more nuanced. The top AI teams should still make progress on the performance charts and, assuming you have the correct difficulty set, be competitive on the track. That seems to be a point of imbalance where the AI simply fades on the R&D and fails to have a competitive car.
  17. marioho

    Let me turn corner cut penalties off in career mode

    Reducing the Gameplay Settings > Corner Cutting Stringency to Regular isn't enough? Genuine question. I've always played on Strict so I don't know how big of a leeway dialing it down gives.
  18. Scrogs, you'll break my heart saying these things! The thing with F1 is that it is not about skirmishes and elbow to elbow racing. It is about consistency. If you had to dial the AI to 1 and still couldn't manage good results I'd wager you're either crashing or spinning or leaving the track a lot. Don't worry about being quick. Focus on being consistent, on getting a handful of laps without any major mistake. After that is not, then you set the AI so that the competition has a similar pace. Because that's really what the AI difficulty slider is about: their pace. Even if you ask them to drive like a turtle they'll still outpace you if they catch you sleeping. That turtle and hard fable is perfectly applicable here. Try choosing a nice circuit in Time Trial. I think the game says how difficulty they are. Settle with a fun and not too challenging one like Monza or Austria or even Belgium. Then try driving around like if you had your missus on the passenger seat knowing that oh dear Scrogs if you ruin her hair or make her spills her coffee she's gonna delegate the worse possible chores for you. Like scrubbing a cesspool clean with a toothbrush kind of chore. Special chores. Really, it doesn't matter if you take 3min to do a lap. Just focus on staying on track. I guarantee that even if you downplay your skill level a lot to be consistent you'll eventually find an AI level that will have a similar pace to yours. Meaning, imagine if you know you can squeeze a 1:30 lap on a specific track if fate has it your way. Don't go for that! Go for a 1:40, a 1:43. Then when you get to the point where you'll lap it consistently at 1:40, sometimes at 1:34, but never beyond 1:45 (like no spinnings and crashes anymore), then you set the AI so that their best car laps it around 1:40 too. Once you get to be consistent, then you can work your way up and being more adventurous. Unfortunately even in real F1 only the greats could recover from one serious incident in a race to remain competitive - just imagine having one serious incident every 3 laps! Above all though, have fun. Driving is driving. If rally is more up your alley these days, go for it! With time the F1 itch will bother you again and you'll pick up the game for another go.
  19. Oh come on, while you're at it why not push my name to be TD at Ferrari? Maybe it is their throttle that is stuck too. Not that a gig at Codemasters would be bad. Not at all! It's just that I heard Ferrari has better pastries on their buffet. Anyway, glad you got it right now!
  20. marioho

    Tire temps

    Gosh I imagine what a pain Turns 4 and 9 were for you then. Those right benders you're supposed to (be able to) take at full throttle. That's no fun. And is one of the reasons I don't really like using Time Trials to decide on a setup. The way the game mode keeps your tyre always at perfect conditions really trivialize this aspect of the game.
  21. Could you check if your controller is working properly? On the Settings, in the calibration screen where you set saturation, linearity, deadzone and so on. There you'll be able to see how much of an input the game is registering when you fully press your triggers. I mention this because if you look closely at your HUD, you never reach 100% throttle, mate. Could be a faulty controller. Didn't have the chance to review your previous videos as they get very pixelated on my phone (or are indeed low res in the source), but seems to be the same. Screencaps from your latter video:
  22. marioho

    Damage model

    If I were to wager I'd say there's an underplayed factor of system processing. The AI and all the handling mechanics being simulated on real time (for the player and for the AI, so this factors twice in the equation) have taken leaps since those years. All of these things demand processing power from the platform. Along with damage simulation, they're all very demanding processes. Let's see what the next gen games give us.
  23. @BarryBL I ate grass in this one as indeed F2 cars have only 6 gears. That "Renault" at the second vídeo made me jump my gun. But this will be a tough nut to crack if OP keeps on shutting every avenue of investigation people come up with. That's not how troubleshooting works, there's a reason these protocols try to eliminate every basic possibility to build on a diagnosis. OP should throw us a bone here. Specially because if this is indeed a bug, it is a helluva important one that needs to be quickly replicated* and fixed.
  24. marioho

    Tyre Strategy

    Oh come on, don't leave us hanging! How did it go? Did Grosjean treat you well?
  25. marioho

    Tire temps

    Do you have more info on that? It's been a while since I last raced on a mixed weather event and it would nice to see more of the picture here. From what I can tell tyre temps come both from the pressure inside and from the rubbing and scrubbing against the tarmac. Assuming the ambient and surface temperatures are not messing with the tyre pressure in the game, the latter is the defining factor. Given that the front axle is not driven by the engine, all the front tyre work is done via mechanical grip (suspension and suspension geometry) and aerodynamic grip (downforce). If your setup did not account for the wet weather and the reduced grip – both from the track and the reduced speeds you're going through – it would not surprise me to see the front tyres running under lower temps in the wet since the forces they're experiencing and exerting are significantly lower. The rear tyres are dealing with a different scenario since they're actively putting the engine power down on the track. Sliding and spinning (and aquaplaning) tyres are different things but they all happen when you're exceeding the grip available for that axle or car corner. Since the forces at play specially on the front are way lower on a wet track if you're running with your dry setup, the resulting degradation would also be different. Maybe the game is indeed off the mark and horrendously so, but I can see it going either way with your description as it is. Edit: Just to clarify, my point is the sliding/dragging/rubbing and resulting degradation you get on the front tyres in the dry is not the same as the sliding/dragging/rubbing and resulting degradation you get on the wet if your setup did not account for the different conditions. Those variables are different for the rear tyres as they operate differently.