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    Tyres management

    Damn, read it twice and did not spot the brake bias. Just what @ScaredDuck said, that would be too front biased of a distribution for me personally on a track like Singapore, and very likely too much for the front for anyone to deal with on the consistently on the wet.
  2. Lowering the brake bias will make it less likely for your front wheels to lock up as it will diverge the power to the rear. Lower wear rate at the front is expected. ABS in this game seems to positively keep your wheels from locking by capping your brake power. Lower wear rate is expected. I don't know, mate. In all these scenarios there's this underlying constant: you're not able to overdrive the front. By requiring less work of the front tyres they will wear less. I still don't see where your report deviates from what we were discussing here. And if there was indeed a free boo
  3. Made the transition from ABS to no-ABS for good in F1 2021 and your depiction does not match at all with my experience. When ABS kicks in, braking performance falls significantly and your braking distance increases. When trail braking with ABS on, if you're going too fast you understeer out of orbit. Depending on the ABS of your car and the setting you choose, you can indeed increase the wear rate if you just mindlessly stomp on the brakes as the wheels are locking and unlocking in rapid succession. Not all ABS works this way though and very often you can even choose how aggressive is the
  4. marioho

    Tyres management

    @mosmo88 your setup seems ok, nothing out of ordinary. Inters and wet tyres can overheat and get chewed up rather easily if the track isn't wet enough, that's one thing to bear in mind. And Singapore is quite the track to overwork the front tyres by trying to brake and turn simultaneously, being a street circuit and all. With the info at than I can only think that was indeed your approach to cornering, as you said it got better once you moved the brake bias towards the rear and started braking earlier. Locking up + understeer is the perfect combo for tyre wear. For general tips on dr
  5. marioho

    Tyres management

    Tyres overheat when they're overworked @mosmo88. Can you share the rest of your setup?
  6. @zApPaDiEtRo 🤣 As I said, I don't follow the series and don't think I ever played the heat games, but Ignition has piqued my interest a while ago with the premise of being more realistic. If it's immersive as well then I'm a prospective buyer for sure! As it stands though, that's probably a "buy at a discount price later" kind of title for me. A shallow career mode on top of a very limited setup interface doesn't strike my chords. @KNT2011 thanks for the heads up. Already saved a few videos on my Watch Later playlist.
  7. What @DonBlanko said. Improvements made to traction and grip levels, the behavior of F2 engines, engine braking and overtake mode were all partially credited to the input of the likes of Norris and Russell. Also that's just the current F1 roster. If I'm not mistaken, pro drivers like Anthony Davidson have been credited as consultants for the physics and handling models in the past, I don't know if that ever changed as the relationship between Codies and FOM and the teams have only strengthened with time.
  8. I'd love another Q&A session with David Greco like that we got last year, specially now that the performance and handling are on the point of being settled "for good" for this entry.
  9. Came here to say this. Here is the "setup screen" of the game: And that's it. You either choose a "tight" car with tendency to understeer or a "loose" car with oversteering tendencies, with a few degrees in between. @Getts0388, I'm interested in this game and if (1) they get a good handling model with proper physics and (2) a serviceable AI, I'll probably buy it down the road at a discount price. Not dissing on the game, just find it unlikely to justify getting it at full price as it will hardly tick all the checkboxes I deem relevant. If it does check yours, that's a rea
  10. The takeaways from this thread. 1) Codemasters' corporate car is a Subaru, I'm wondering what colors is @PJTierney's - @BarryBL I'm sure has a red one. 2) @ScaredDuck lovely fingers and veritable street cred with his braking technique is going to be let down when he gets to the end of Avengers and find out that Batman isn't in there.
  11. Parceiro, you perfectly spelled out why ABS works just as it should. Skillful players avoid using them for the performance hit, unskilled players drive better with them. Everything else smells like vanity to me. As in, "I should have ranked above that guy as he used ABS". Like @Ultra3142said, if they were to put on a filter or even have two different leaderboards for players with and players without assists, I'm all for it. And leagues have the option to allow it prohibit ABS. Sorry for banging the same drum but the point seemed to fly over your head: when a good, skillful play
  12. Pretty much everything here is draped in the "wild speculation, pure guess" cape, mate. And to claim that someone that "barely trains, takes a setup on the TT, walk around" and BANG, sets a banger of a Top 100 lap time, that's a plot like of those Hollywood cheap racing movies. When the time comes that top esports players start posting videos breaking their all time "pure" records with ABS assisted new ones, then I'll give more credence to this conjecture that ABS is a lap time booster. The way this idea is often brought up makes it seem like turning ABS on is like a
  13. You're not being rude. Just making claims I don't think anyone would be able to back up further than plain and bland speculation. What you're saying implies that these players haven't improved on their own from the time they turned ABS on and all their gains can be chalked up to ABS giving them all benefits with no trade-off.
  14. Yeah, and their braking distances will be longer. It's always a tradeoff, ABS isn't a one-way benefit toggle. I really don't see how you're in position to assign their improvements exclusively on ABS. As to say, if they didn't turn ABS, they wouldn't be better by now on their own? This is wild speculation, in my opinion.
  15. Sorry, velhinho, but I see no sense in comparing different players. ABS would be overpowered if a guy like you, that seems to be skillful without assists, would instantly become faster just by turning it on. Jarno Opmeer you mention was right away 0.1s slower and thinks he could be 0.1 faster. Like you said yourself, that's a veritable World Class player and all he's getting out of it is 1 tenth slower lap times with the expectation of being 1 single tenth faster in a whole lap. If you're losing races or several leaderboard positions to a "0.1 faster ABS assisted Opmeer" you're not losing
  16. Ever heard of the Trulli Train? He'll be on a slower car, say the equivalent of a Alfa or a Williams, and qualify it way, way ahead of where it "should" be. He had good defending though, so come Sunday there he is stopping everyone's lunges at him and forming this huge queue of faster cars that should be running alongside the spearhead but instead are all bulged up in the field behind him. My question was if you're not outqualifying your car natural position. Like finishing in the top 10 on My Team season 1 or, well, scoring a pole with a midfield or backfield car.
  17. @CFCJDSW6 should also have pointed out that we don't crash that often on real life because we have braking lights. Remove them and suddenly even going out to pick up your groceries becomes risky business. Saying this because of this bit: No racing driver relies on their "sense" of the car directly ahead slowing down to hit on the brakes. If they're at your side then sure, you'll instantly know they're braking, but when chasing you gotta estimate what their braking point is going to be by feeling the speed you're in, your knowledge of the track and your racetrack.
  18. So it's solely a matter of importing the track assets and that's it, new track?
  19. The provisional calendar for 2021 as it was announced by FIA on October 2020: Like what everybody else said, the same constraints are applicable. Calendar changes and studio budget. Those are the variables and I don't see why anyone could expect a different outcome if they develop the same as they did in 2020 and mid 2021. When was Portimão slot confirmed this year? March?
  20. Looks like there are two things you need to put some work on: relying less on the racing line or ditching it all for good, and keep an eye on your frustration levels. It would be easier if you had on-track references for when to break, when to turn in, etc. The best thing though, you already have plenty at your disposal. The kerbing is a great reference for turns. You know how you brake on the outside, turn in and touch the inside of the track and exit on the outside? The marker boards at the side of the track, indicating the distance to the apex. Those usually are our firs
  21. That's some thoughtful posting you've got on there, pal! Appreciate that, even if I'm skeptical this could take off in the short term. The thing with 30 AI cars is not really the number, but how resource heavy AI programs are times the number of AI cars the system needs to process. So even if they could have 30 cars simultaneously on track back in the day, now presumably each one of those cars costs way more processing power. Assuming the current state is already at the system's cap, to have 10+ cars would require visual fidelity to be dialed down most likely or the AI to be considerably
  22. @Badmayhem you mean the tyre temps? You'll surely will have a easier time with cold tyres if you have TC on, but you'll also have better performance by racing with them in the correct temperature window regardless of the assist. I think the key is whether you have the Formation Lap option ticked on or off, assuming the game put you in a relatively good temperature range if you play with the option turned off.
  23. 75? That sounds reasonable. What is the name the game gives to this difficulty band? From 70-79? Doesn't look like TC should be holding you back that much to the point of being overtaken immediately. Assuming you're playing with realistic performance, are you using a "legitimate" pole car? Or are poles still hitting above your weight given your car's performance? Anyway, if this is indeed just the TC, you could try to actually train to input the right amount of throttle as if you had no assist on. By making the TC activate less often and to a lesser extent, you won't have such a
  24. @Badmayhem yeah, if one is playing with TC on there's really no reason not to have overtake active from the get go, I guess. That's helpful. Just a heads up that Overtake mode will only kick in after reaching 100kph, even if you have it on before that. Now and then we get some Youtubers "testing" the optimum way to have race starts and often they gloss over that. That's a restriction the game realistically simulates from F1 technical regulations. You do need to be wary and manage your throttle application to account for the full ERS deployment you'll get once you hit 100kph, but ther
  25. What difficulty level were you in F1 2020, what difficulty level did you start at in F1 2021 and what at level are you playing now? Asking because assists will be a performance hindrance. There's probably a difficulty band where the game might become unbalanced in some aspects (like race starts) if you keep on playing with assists well beyond the point where we assume one wouldn't be anymore. A standing start is like prime time for TC. You're going from zero to 200kph+ in a short patch. The TC will probably be kicking in like crazy, capping your performance. Assuming that's inde
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