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  1. LS1000

    F1 2019 - F1 2020 Improvements

    so we can't get realistic physics in pod cam?
  2. LS1000

    F1 2019 - F1 2020 Improvements

    so this was pointless then?
  3. LS1000

    F1 2019 - F1 2020 Improvements

    and VR, racing games are one of the best platforms for VR and you haven't
  4. Seeing as the 2020 game is in beta right now theres so many little things that i expect that won't be added that the game needs, the bits that just make the game feel like a game in 2020. There's no text chat at all, no way to communicate other than the voice chat has no volume control and is also from 2005, (also no easy access to quick mute during game as no quick menu you have to fully pause). just give us a text chat please in-game and in the lobbies its needed. Allow us to communicate with ease and smoothly in text and through voice chat please its archaic currently. The inconsistincies in the sound because the settings don't apply to certain cutscenes in the career, or areas like the driver laptop/garage in career is so loud even though settings are appropriately set, same for the menu intro everytime the game loads up, no one wants to be defeaned by the intro. also if you want too get a more mainstream audience then make two game modes a more arcade/simcade and a simulator, the biggest criticism i hear about this game from serious sim players is the game isn't as good physics wise as other simulators but the open wheel racing in other games is so lacking that this IP fills the role as the best formula 1 racer. Fill that need, listen to the F1 drivers that have been constantly playing your game they have feedback. but like actually listen don't take there feedback then continue to cater to the amateur player, it doesn't work. penalties and crashing. For the events and streams that you do and continue too do, you need a person doing the reviews make it legit, make it like f1 and give yourself the ability to take away penalties and give penalties. in other words if you can can control that remotely that would be great, just for the live events feel like most other esport level games have that ability to control the game ? I didn't try too hard to come up with this, and I've only got 40 hours on 2019, but too many sports games are being wasted by the people who have the exclusive licenses, you all know who, and you codemasters are also fault too that too. if anyone has anything else to add please do or just delete this post because its too harsh? (also i didn't put everything, i think the servers kinda suck for such a small player base, the menus are bulky and slow and run hot some reason, track boundaries and penalties, HUD still sucks)