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  1. Thanks SrcrrMcky 👍
  2. Hi Erumasta, Thanks also, yes the shortcut sounds like a good idea! Nice and quick, also appreciate your input in this, and good to hear you manged to sort it as well 👍 Many thanks, Ronb
  3. Hi SrcrrMcky, That's great! Thank you so much for the reply and also replying so quickly! I'm glad to hear you have yours working :) I will definately give this a try, I've just packed away for the day today but I'll give this a go tomorrow for sure. Really appreciate the detail you've put in your response for the fix, is much appreciated 👍 Many thanks Ronb
  4. Hi SrcrrMcky, Bit of a delayed response here but did you ever manage to fix the issue you were having? I've just recently started playing F1 2019 again on the pc on my G29 and I'm having a similar thing to what you are describing. It's not game breaking but I definitely feel that the centre spring isn't really working as it should in this game. I've had a bit of a google on it but not found much on it really. Thanks