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  1. I think I will make a video on youtube because is very complex. I think that it would work in future titles because what you do is to emulate a new controller. If Codemasters don't delete the x axis it will work.
  2. I HAVE SOLVED THE PROBLEM!!!!! there is an option with vjoy which assigns you an x axis and you can play with a generick joystick
  3. I meant with the "generic wheels option" to create an axis in which the movement of the wheel in the screen doesn't move as a joystick. I don't know how much work requires this but I hope that the developers will do something.
  4. Thank you Barry, very kind
  5. Yes, but I bought it when I had a play station and when I went to pc it doesn't work. There are many players that want to play in pc but they can't play with a wheel because of this situation. I knew that there was a list of compatible wheels but I have to buy another wheel for playing in pc and that isn't suitable for me. If you can, mention to the developers because in my case is with the Hori Apex but there are a lot of wheels that have the same problem. They can include the list of the compatible wheels and then, an option with the noun of "generic wheels" or something like that. I know that Codemasters is overwhelmed with the next game but try to include it because it would make happy a lot of people as it isn't difficult to include. Thank you for everything and try to mention it to the developments. (Sorry for my English, if someone don't know something write to me)
  6. Hello I play F1 2020 in pc and I bought the Hori Apex Racing Wheel for playing this game. I know that this wheel isn´t in the list but I only write this message to say if Codemasters can include for F1 2021 the option to say if your controller is a Joystick or a steering wheel. This option for example is included in Project Cars 3 and the steering wheel works. If you don´t do that, the steering wheel is detected as a joystick and it doesn´t make any sense playing with it. Please include this option, you don´t have to do so much effort and those who have this wheel or another incompatible wheel will enjoy the game a lot. Thanks
  7. thebestraser

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    There are very good, codemasters have to stay in this way