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  1. ChristianAnsell

    f1 2021 info we have so far

    Last thread was taken from one of those but was still deleted, don’t see why it was when the info out there now but some companies bolt the stable door once horse has run off and been run over lol
  2. ChristianAnsell

    F1 2021 😁🏎️

    Hoping full support as in standalone not just optimised though
  3. ChristianAnsell

    f1 2021 info we have so far

    Just be warned a thread with this info appeared last week and was deleted my mods as info had been leaked and codemasters don’t want it out there yet( they always give info out way too late for my liking).
  4. ChristianAnsell

    F1 2021 😁🏎️

    Just hoping next gen consoles supported and this seasons new tracks are included hopefully with myteam improved. Also some of the bugs affecting game for years now are sorted along with better yellow flag/ safety car system and finally have the cheating in online sorted otherwise it can never be a serious e sport.
  5. Which country are you from cause uk law states it is the company that sold you the game that be responsible for any refund.
  6. If you don’t have any success getting it you probably have to speak to the company you brought game off as you not received what you paid for which is covered in most countries laws for refunds.
  7. ChristianAnsell

    Which F1 game is the best?

    For me it was my team to start with but now career and other one off championships won’t load either just crashing game and even if I do single race and save it part way through that crashes too( tried too see if it happened lol). So only online mode available and I hate cheating in parts of it. For 2 days too game wouldn’t even load at all.
  8. ChristianAnsell

    Loss of MP ranked skill points after being pushed into the wall

    Very little chance of anything changing as this been going on for years with loss of MP this way, which is why I don’t understand how this game can be a e sport when so easy to cheat
  9. ChristianAnsell

    Which F1 game is the best?

    Not the 2020 version anyway many cannot play the game for weeks now due to a highly bugged update and codemasters dragging there feet on fixing it, even just withdrawing latest patch be a help but us players don’t matter in anyway at all now they have our money, game for me won’t even load it’s that bad.
  10. Update now the game will not load at all so cannot even play online of single race, this has now gone on way to long. I tried resetting console, even reinstalling the game but nothing works so now I got a dead game of no use at all thanks to codemasters who just take a ice age to fix it( total joke).
  11. I know this is not your fault in anyway at all but this doesn’t seem quick at all when for weeks most people cannot access main part of game only leaving online part which divides people totally( I hate the cheating online but codemasters don’t care less so how can call the game e sports when most never stand a chance off getting there cause of the rampant cheating.). if the game isn’t fixed soon and it’s still in the first year of this product it be interesting to see what the uk trading standards have say about refunds for a faulty product that doesn’t do what is advertised and and little progress and info on when it be fixed.
  12. ChristianAnsell

    Myteam save constantly crashes

    It’s a known Issue that been going on for weeks now and seems to be spreading to more people but the silence on what action is been taken by codemasters is astonishing considering their wouldn’t be codemasters without us gamers buying the game....
  13. One thing I have this version of the game is the al moving under braking, I can brake and try and take the inside line and suddenly the al has gone from racing line on the braking point to be in front of me which in real life is reckless and highly dangerous as gives the other driver( eg me) no chance to react at all to avoid a crash. May I not that this moving under braking is banned in f1 for few years now but lately codemasters seem to think it is ok to do.
  14. ChristianAnsell

    Update on corrupted saves please

    Both my team and career modes, all saves are affected and I tried to set up a new career and my team games from scratch and after first practice in both the game crashed and now crashes every time I try and reload them so I can only play single races without saving or online( which I hate due to all the crashing and the fact even if someone crashes into you by accident, most of time it’s the innocent person who gets the penalty).