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  1. ChristianAnsell

    Safety car and race strategy

    The new strategy issue has been recognised as a issue by codemasters so hopefully be fixed soon not sure about safety car but I know some people never see it and others like me see it a lot ( lando’s driving seems to be so different in game to real life lol).
  2. ChristianAnsell

    Safety car bugged again!!??????

    Seen plenty of crashes that brought safety car out (first corner Of race of silverstone lando decided that not braking and using Albons car to slow himself down was best way and lando ended up out of race and by end of corner 3 I had safety car out).
  3. ChristianAnsell


    Xbox doesn’t like multi platform online playing anyway yet the same company quite happy to allow pc users to play against ps users lol.
  4. ChristianAnsell

    Career mode team switching and car differences

    Try looking at different set ups on forums for the car at tracks as people post different set ups for same car and some suit my driving style while others I tend to end up all over the place lol.
  5. ChristianAnsell

    How the mechanics of deploying safety car work?

    Not had safety car every time a yellow flag but I play 100% lap race for My team mode And if I save part way through and come back later( bad hip problems means can’t play for long even laid down) and come back later, soon as I load game up safety car comes out soon as game loaded, every time regardless of what is going on the track.
  6. ChristianAnsell

    Replacing ICE issue.

    Got it myself but it always shows new part fitted for race which is main thing.
  7. ChristianAnsell

    Engine change

    It’s a known issue and will be looked into in future but codemasters concentrating on major glitches for now which is understandable.
  8. ChristianAnsell

    Yellow flag

    Seen this couple of times myself but happen every now and again on 2019 edition so must be something carried over, just a shame we pay full price for new game but most is just code from previous edition( yes I admit a lot has to be but some glitches/bugs now been in game for 3 years plus and reported many times by players but just ignored).
  9. ChristianAnsell

    Stupid Clare and Jeff comments

    Also to be told rain in 10 minutes then 10 minutes later to be told expect rain in 15 minutes lol, radar real teams have sometimes gets it wrong but not as often as game and why before race forecast will tell you rain in last quarter of race and it rains in first quarter( this been going on since at least 2018 edition) and happen for just about every wet weather race for rain been early..
  10. ChristianAnsell

    Post-qualiyfing interviews

    Been told after qualify that it was good session for me when I qualified last by big margin( complete errors in corners by myself so only me to blame lol) and thinking how could any of that lap be considered good????
  11. ChristianAnsell

    The game does not follow real SC/VSC regulations

    Had similar problem under safety car at silverstone too Just before pit lane safety car came out so I putted as it was only 1 lap before normal pit stop and when I came out in 18th place the game forced me to give up places until I ended up 22nd under sc even though 19th was 2 seconds behind me when I re-entered track proper.
  12. ChristianAnsell


    Downloading it now on Xbox
  13. ChristianAnsell

    F1 2020 best handling

    Agree but try finding a new game now with no bugs to fix when released lol. Definitely the most fun version of game up to now.
  14. ChristianAnsell

    Car behavior in curves

    Couldn’t agree more so much more enjoyable in 2020 edition, got sick of getting good slipstream and overtaking too easy in the worst car on grid in 2019 edition.
  15. They altered how your car reacts when behind another car as 2019 edition didn’t take into account the dirty air effect when following another car and 2020 edition does. That then means less chance of overtaking when following another car unless you have good advantage over car in front. have noticed tires for al drivers have less difference between them but for me I get so much more out of soft tires than medium( I’m a grip and braking type of driver than most out of top speed type).