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  1. ChristianAnsell

    Monza track limits.

    Agree totally and not only that but in some races I had all 4 tires of track and got no warnings or anything then couple laps later I got 1 tire on kerb and 3 on the track and got a warning lol. One of main areas I had this problem with is the last 2 corners at Canada.
  2. ChristianAnsell

    Weather forecasts

    For me, every time if I look at pre race forecast and then go to race it rains about 30 minutes before pre race forecast says and it happens every time and had this in 2019 version too, gets tired very quickly as it happens way to regularly.
  3. ChristianAnsell

    What purpose does the radio "Car Status" even have?

    Had the same as well from Jeff, also had him tell me yesterday that no problems with my tires but my back left was at 82% wear and I was sliding all over the place with it...
  4. ChristianAnsell


    £10 for that dlc isn’t bad at all when you look at what micro transactions are in mobile games and codemasters will have invested a fair bit of time and money making the dlc so they have to recover that and make a profit at end of day.
  5. ChristianAnsell

    Safety car

    Safety car behaves semi normally for me, in first season bottas decided to take out the pit wall in Italy and totally destroyed front of his car leaving it stranded in middle of the pit straight yet no safety car lol. I also have a problem if I save a race mid race then come back later, soon as I load up the save safety car comes out soon as save has loaded up. This happens 9 times out of 10 for me.
  6. ChristianAnsell

    F1 2021 and beyond compatible consoles...

    Not only that but some companies have promised that xbox1 games will have graphics upgraded to new console free of charge for people who own xbox1 version at some point so let’s hope codemasters do it.
  7. ChristianAnsell

    New liveries and sponsors

    Codemasters said shortly after game was released that they would spend time first fixing bugs etc then go onto other things so figure that’s why colour scheme of mcclaren is not fixed yet.
  8. ChristianAnsell

    The MyTeam Teammate Dilema

    Russell fairly good too especially if you invest in him too as I got him at start of season 2 and second driver in season 1 didn’t finish above 16th at all and by half way through second season Russell had 16 points and car had not improved greatly compared to top cars.
  9. ChristianAnsell

    Marbles off-line was a nice feature that should come back

    Not sure either if marbles still effect racing but got to agree the switch manoeuvre at that place is excellent place to do it but I have a tendency to disappear of track trying it lol.
  10. ChristianAnsell

    Manager mode

    Agree management option could be greatly increased but credit to codemasters as think this first try by them was excellent but many in game things needed as well( flag options are very limited compared to real life and same with penalties, only time you get drive through penalty is for jump starting but used more in real life).
  11. ChristianAnsell

    Claire's broken

    It seems to go on your table standings but also the results just before you get the rival offers from Claire as in my first season I was in top 10 for finishes in the 3 races before Claire gave me the choices so I had vettel, Hamilton etc but in second season I had couple of bad races( I seemed to want to wreck my car on bottas every race at that point for some reason) and so got offered 3 near the bottom of the standings and for some reason Hamilton at top lol.
  12. ChristianAnsell

    Driver ratings

    The last update changed driver ratings so guess it will alter how they are on track too but remember to take into account driver Difficulty lvl you set too.
  13. ChristianAnsell

    Who been hit all departments due regulations just announced by Carl

    I seen one person post that in season 5 had areas in all for sections of upgrades affected and needed huge amount of points to stop having car greatly downgraded in season 6.
  14. ChristianAnsell

    Driver Transfers

    Think it was fixed this week.
  15. ChristianAnsell

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    I have NEVER witness a first corner accident / yellow flag / safety car ecc, and I’ve been playing A LOT. Very disappointing. I don’t want a carnage, just a minimum of unpredictability, the game now seems scripted, I know AI will never DNF in the first lap of the race. on this, my first season on my team at silverstone, Norris at start mistimed his breaking into first corner and ran into back of vettel and Norris ended up out of race without even getting round first corner. - Safety Car bugs, in 2020 there’s the same bug of the previous years, it is not coming out. Some virtual SF every now and then. the above incident with Norris brought out safety car and in my first season I saw safety car way over a dozen times. Admittedly about half of them was because of me but plenty that did not have anything to do with me at all.