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  1. Remember the stats for f2 drivers are a lot lower than top f1 drivers so will be a bit easier to beat.
  2. Second season of my team, Lewis is 5th in table with 4 races to go nearly 80 points behind max alone and for some reason at start of season Mercedes signed mazaspin then sacked him half way through to sign yuki lol. still bottas moved to Ferrari so that solved him been overpowered lol.
  3. From when qualifying starts, f1 rule Parc ferme quite clearly state that only certain parts of set up can be changed ( eg front wing), most car settings are in fact now locked in from start of qualifying to end of race. It is same in the game and the teams have to use weather forecasts to work out what is best setup for qualifying and race and then the drivers have to adapt.
  4. Even driving in dirty air I not seen engine temps go up in myteam
  5. Your setup will partly determine if you spin out a lot when touched ( look at vettel in last season or 2 at Ferrari, another driver only had to look at his car and he span out lol). brake checking etc is long time problem on multiplayer. What I hate is under safety car person behind you drives into you on purpose and they get away free and you get the penalty. In single player though the car behind who drives into car in front get the penalty so multiplayer penalty has been programmed deliberately by codemasters to punish the innocent victim 😂
  6. Quick practice does wear parts out quicker, it has been reduced but stills wears parts out quicker than doing practice yourself.
  7. Agree with both of you for the data to be brought back and more options in setup menus but also the engine temperature in MSD is a waste of time now, I only ever seen it blue In myteam now we only have one engine mode yet in real life you hear engineeers telling drivers engine temps are critical.
  8. Think a few who post top times use cheats(pc) but not all, it’s been shown time and time again by others but codemasters do nothing about it cause they don’t care once they got our money.
  9. Career and myteam are excellent except for rare save fails that codemasters don’t care about. online on other hand is completely broken for me and many others on Xbox and pc and seems it’s gone on that long that codemasters just think we just not important enough for it to be fixed now they have our money.
  10. On crashing your rival out at silverstone, this game would either give you a warning or a 3 second penalty never seen a 10 second on in 2021 version lol anyway no way this would happen(would be fun to have the option though) as too much work for codices they be too busy making another braking point for us to play once then ignore forever more. also be nice to see double yellow ( red flags too) in game.
  11. Agree that I wouldn’t be surprised to see loot boxes or more micro transactions appear in game and that would definitely stop me buying it if it became bad.
  12. My problem is with multiplayer part on series x, just hasn’t worked for me since august few times I got into a lobby properly the game kicked me out during qualifying but only get this far a few times anyway. single player on other hand I love, think the myteam introduced last year is brilliant and still love career even if it is impossible to make hass a decent team( yes I know it’s represents real life 😂). on balance if they update the tracks and get all the new rules and regulations correct I will prob buy the game for single player alone but wish magazines etc would update thei
  13. So hope this is true that there are 2 teams are major changes in sport next year and codemasters need to be on their top form otherwise it’s going to be a mess.
  14. Done yet another reinstall and reset console but nothing worked, highlights played up after last driver stats update so probably that has caused problems
  15. Couldn’t agree more and some people Been unable to access any multiplayer online modes since august(I’m one) and codemasters just don’t take any notice or care less now they got our money.
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