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  1. This is a ongoing problem and when I posted about it, it seemed codemasters was unaware/ not bothered about it
  2. One thing is that when following another car closely, it is best to brake slightly earlier than normal as that gives you slightly mor3 time to react to car in front. Watch f1 a lot and you will see what happens when a car following to close behind brakes at normal point and car in front brakes slightly early, especially going into first corner on first lap lol( erm bottas this season lol)
  3. Codemasters put a statement out like that, that will be the day lol. Been online problems before and codemasters always silent and in last years edition when the saves became corrupt in single player, the lack of info from codemasters was staggering ( but the admins on here did all they could to help and was greatly appreciated by me anyway).
  4. I agree as sometimes someone retires and not even a yellow flag as they stop on side of track and magically disappear
  5. Try it when one spins out in front of you and takes out your front wing on pit straight, by time I got to pits I was way last but it made for a memorable race which is needed to keep game fun and us on our toes
  6. Agreed as I have watched YouTube vids of people streaming races using series x and steering wheel and while it accepted that there is a 0.2 delay from steering wheel to car turning( not on pc though) they don’t have the problems this thread has stated. Maybe also worth a net search to check your wheel and screen set ups are right too surprising what a little change can make( found that with my controller settings).
  7. Silverchris


    If it is they haven’t been successful yet then lol
  8. At end of day we don’t know the legal deal signed by codemasters with fia, the deal may block using any track but ones that appear in that years racing in real life and fia may refuse to allow anything but that.
  9. Silverchris


    And when the competition happens best server problems happen again like previous years, codemasters do not learn and put dedicated servers in so this lagging and disconnections will continue until all the money we invested by buying the game is spent on things that actually matter( other games have proved dedicated servers make huge difference in stability for online games).
  10. Had safety car since last update just don’t think devs think that the safety car bug is important in any way at all as it’s been present since 2020 edition. Looks to me as if game is been coded by people with no understanding of sport at all as if they did understand sport then they know how much safety car matters in outcome of races.
  11. Be lucky after first season in my team, the game had max move from red bull to Williams so he now finishes 12-15th lol
  12. Ok this is getting past a joke not only is game broken in so many ways and codemasters very rarely speak out on it or apologise but now when we point out problems here on forums the administrator Barry asks questions then locks the thread so I cannot even answer so why ask me if you not even going to allow me to answer. Very rude to do that and I don’t appreciate it at all. I have much respect for you Barry in what you do here on forums and for the fact you have to face a lot of angry player but treating people like me in this repay only loses respect and I had posted that I had go
  13. Also game saves should not be affected by connectivity issues otherwise why can we play in offline mod3 if it won’t save??? also strange how my internet is fine and I can stream movies, download patches fine(eg f1 2021 patch) and play online games except for f1 2021 that is recognised by gaming community of having a dire online mode.
  14. You say it shouldn’t have caused this yet it only happened since I put patch in so all the evidence says otherwise but there again I’m only the person who experienced this and I found in past putting full reports in a waste of time as rarely anything done plus it shouldn’t be up to us players to do reports, codemasters should be testing the game properly in first place, that is what we supposed to pay for when buying game( covered under uk trading standards act as product is definitely not working as advertised). and yes even before you asked me too I had posted in reporting section
  15. Having same problem since latest patch, now second time this has happened and neither times has codemasters acknowledged it or apologised, seems once the have our money it doesn’t matter( the corrupted saves in last years version that wasn’t fixed for a month proves that). I don’t have code at moment as no point going back into game as my team and career useless without save function and as I have not been able to access online mode for weeks now the game is just blocking my hard drive up im on Xbox series x and the game is latest patch which caused this. oh and it
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