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  1. Uninstall and reinstall? Hours and Days off gameplay for nothing? Is a Joke!!! Congratulations to those involved. I also want to know who I contact to request my refund
  2. I had the same problem, this is sad, the game is expensive and does it happen? Disappointing
  3. Faustex

    My team teammate

    What happens if I don't renew with my teammate on my team and hire no one?
  4. Faustex

    Need help with slow corners grip

    Thx for the answer i'll be test later.
  5. Faustex

    Need help with slow corners grip

    Do you mean accelerator differential in 50 only on tracks like Monaco or Hanoi or on all tracks?
  6. Faustex

    Safety car and race strategy

    I also didn’t see SC on my team, only VSC, I play 50% away, in Bahrain I started on P1 and the game didn’t choose me to start with hard tires and put medium after the pit stop forcing me to do 2 pits stops due to wear of the tires.
  7. Faustex

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    I race with the AI at 55 and I saw only mechanical failures, but the AI hit someone or the wall and rotated no, I also didn't see a mistake go wrong, and I don't think we will see that because it always follows the path
  8. Faustex

    Car behavior in curves

    Ah ok, thx
  9. Faustex

    Car behavior in curves

    Dirty air from me to myself works too? I was in front of Ricciardo and my car also spreads around the curves.
  10. Faustex

    Car behavior in curves

    I agree on the means to lessen the effect by taking a different trajectory from the car in front, but doing this on the control is much more difficult than on the steering wheel.
  11. Faustex

    Car behavior in curves

    Thanks for the answers
  12. Faustex

    Car behavior in curves

    Ok, thanks for the explanations, any tips on how to avoid this? Because I see gameplays on youtube and that doesn't happen with players. Even those who play with the controller.
  13. Faustex

    Finished my F2 Career season

    I figured this would happen.
  14. Faustex

    Finished my F2 Career season

    Did you choose the right pilot academy? Then tell us if it remains the same as 2019, that even if you choose a gym, you can define any team in F1
  15. Faustex

    Car behavior in curves

    When I am with other cars near the corners my car has a very strange behavior, it seems that it does not turn, going off the track. When I'm in qualify doing the lap alone, the car turns perfectly. can anybody help me? Game on PS4 controller with brakes on the low and traction control on the middle