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  1. Faustex

    F1 2019 - Alternatives for controllers (PS4)

    Play the game in Controller is complicated, I tried several settings on the xbox one controller and none of them worked for me. I have the feeling that it is necessary to keep changing the sensitivity for each circuit that you will run, so it is complicated
  2. Faustex

    Xbox One Controller

    Ok, send your specifications Thx
  3. Faustex

    Xbox One Controller

    I am also new, I will do that. Thank you
  4. Faustex

    Xbox One Controller

    The control is ok according to the tests, I tried to change the game settings but without success, I still can't make right turns. Could you help me with the settings? Thanks in advance
  5. Faustex

    Xbox One Controller

    I need help, I think my xbox one controller does not turn correctly. The car is not on the correct track when I try to turn the corner and I suffer punishment for cutting. Making chincanes like the last one in Canada is impossible. I appreciate if anyone can help me