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  1. Perhaps there should be an option to select just one name that is displayed for the game with some kind of disclaimer attached to it. Something like "By selecting this option, you are agreeing to go by ONLY this name throughout all of our services" etc. I see why it can be an issue but there needs to be a way to correct this as it is very confusing.
  2. How about unifying Racenet and dirt rally profile names so it's one or the other...so annoying to try and figure out who you are playing against online, even when they are people you know. Lol
  3. Have you tried running it in Fullscreen or Windowless?
  4. It has bothered me for so long, this is especially noticable in Rallycross. It feels like you get into this pre-determined "groove" and get locked in. I drive in the dirt aggressively in real life and I am fully aware you can get in a groove and there are "best" lines to take on any given course. This being said, there are flat or off-camber turns that just feel like the game is grabbing your car and placing it where it feels your car should be. A prime example is the double 90° turn before the finish on the Canada RX track. It just feels wrong. I am speaking specifically with a wheel se
  5. It's a pain to edit the pacenotes even with the extra navigator tool provided in RBR pro.
  6. Those pacenotes didn't seem accurate at all but the co-driver seems cool. Haven't run into that mod.
  7. Vr needs to be a huge priority going forward if they want to future proof their game. Wrc 7+8+9+10 are digging their own grave by only focusing on flatscreen gameplay. Also, I agree on the arms, have you ever been turning for an extended period and watched that shifting arm go back and forth for no reason like that are is confused as to why you're not shifting?...lol
  8. I think it would be relatively simple if the notes exist in real life, why not have the co-driver actually turn the pages. It can be an infinite book and the notes can be blown up to be larger so the lower resolution vr headsets can still clearly see and read them. Or like an app on the phone where you could take a picture of your own pacenotes and load them into the game to change the pages at your own discretion. Just have the page change mapped to a single button but you could hold the notepad as close to you as needed with the vr controllers. I just feel like it would be cool to
  9. Well damn...lol that's both great and odd. I guess I'm just not exactly where whoever did the runs originally were to have the bumps match up with the recordings. Do you agree with the added co-driver mode? I think that is a pretty logical step going forward.
  10. I'm sorry if this has been said before but I would like for whoever the co-driver is in the next game (hopefully still Phil) to sit in an advanced full motion rig and have a perfect computer driver go through the stages while Codemasters records Phils vocals for the pacenotes. To add to that, perhaps record 3 different speeds so his vocals (and urgency) change depending on the speed the driver goes and dynamically change between the multiple recordings as the driver goes faster or slower throughout the stages. Im not sure how the last vocals were recorded since you can occasionally h
  11. Idk...Beamng is a pretty decent representation of a game that holds down complex physics both in vehicle damage and terrain physics...think if a big developer put in the time/money to polish that experience up... All you would have to do is make 6-7 detailed stages with some decent backroads to get from stage to stage. Gta and other vehicle focused games have already proven its possible. Also the fact that we are currently in "next gen" territory means pc developers wont be holding back so the ps4/xbox one can keep up. SSD, DLSS, etc. New tech brings about new thing
  12. This is definitely possible. Perhaps with the EA buyout, they will have the funding to make this a possibility. I made a video about this topic with WRC 8. Its amazing that almost everything you see in the game is real detailed terrain. It's a waste of resources Im sure but its still really cool to know, if you can see it, you can go there. Im sure its similar in dirt rally 1+2 so all that would be left is to flesh out the areas in the distance with some higher quality roads and assets. Here is the vid I was referencing.
  13. I mean, if they still hold the RX license by then, a splitscreen rallycross mode 1v1 would be a lot of fun.
  14. I would like Rallycross and Hillclimb to be included. Not only do they share many similarities, they mix up the action a lot! Landrush, gymkhana, etc. Those are Dirt games not Dirt Rally games. I will say, if they went all in on rally it would be spectacular! Im saying like, replicate it as detailed as possible. It would be cool to drive up to the start line instead of just magically appearing there. Would make the build up a bit more intense.
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