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  1. I would be very upset if PS5 didnt support all the gear I purchased. If it looked like there was no chance of support, I would most likely get a dedicated PC for sims. I have a strong feeling that Fanatec will be supported since they currently have an F1 PS themed wheel, the CSL Elite PS4 version and a DD PS themed wheelbase. Its also literally the only DD wheelbase that works with the PS4 without some kind of extra peripheral. I dont see Thrustmaster or Logitech stepping up their quality that much in the short amount of time there is until the PS5 is released.
  2. Bullpupguy

    Car radio please on PS4

    I have played every gta actually. Great games! I dont think a radio would fit in with the dirt rally series, imo. I think it might go great in dirt 5! 🙂
  3. Bullpupguy

    DiRT Rally

    This is one of, if not THE best games I've ever played and there are only 2 pages on this forum dedicated to it? Am I missing something? The only flaws, exclusive to Dirt Rally 1, that really bother me are: 1. Not enough Rallycross Circuits 2. If you barely touch a drainage ditch you do an immediate front flip. 3. Windshield wipers seem to do absolutely nothing unless you drive through a watersplash. 4. Online modes are very sparse. 5. Does not allow the use of a analog Fanatec handbrake without being in "yellow mode" (ps4). It works but it only recognises it as "O"...like an on off switch. It has an amazing FFB system and I wish Dirt Rally 2.0 followed a bit more in DR1's footsteps in that regard. I hope DR3 will have a better FFB system.
  4. Bullpupguy

    Car radio please on PS4

    All racing games, all FPS games, The only 2 games I can think of that I left the music on are The Last of Us 2 and Robinson the journey.
  5. Bullpupguy

    Car radio please on PS4

    Not a bad idea for people that dont play entirely for immersion in rally. I dont see myself ever using that feature but I am also one to turn ALL music off in most the games I play.
  6. Kinda like in the pits when your car is clearly up on stands and the suspension lowers down out of nowhere...why not load that before the game shows the player?
  7. I want there to be moving objects on the surface that will interfere with the car. Like in Argentina, all the bigger rocks on the side of the road could damage your car more or make the car lose a bit of control from the extra bumps. Patches of bad rocks could be implemented like puddles are throughout some of the wet courses.
  8. Bullpupguy

    any Subaru group b love?

    Lol Not one of Subaru's prouder creations...
  9. Bullpupguy

    what if...

    Codemasters allowed you to map out your own route? Like just had a huge overhead area with tons of roads and you could just drag the mouse pointer or equivalent along the roads that you want to take.
  10. Bullpupguy

    Future Hill Climbing Events?

    I really hope they allow all the vehicles in the upcoming game to be used for the hillclimb events. The Hillclimb mode felt very sparse and its a very exciting discipline.
  11. Bullpupguy

    Vr support for ps4

    Im still hoping a ps5 patch will get released with vr added. I dont care if the resolution stays the same.
  12. Bullpupguy

    tire/tyre type changes front/rear?

    I mean it would be weird but if its all you had to run in real life, it would go on the car. I think it would be cool if you werent forced to switch out all 4 if thats what you are saying.
  13. Bullpupguy

    what if...

    What if they allowed every car to participate in every dirt rally discipline... Rally Rallycross Hillclimb I mentioned this in another thread but I thought it was worth mentioning. Adds a ton of replay value imo. I would LOVE to use a SuperRX car on a rally stage or hillclimb and I would love to use the older cars in the hillclimb events and rallycross mode.
  14. Bullpupguy

    No start

    Have you remapped your handbrake button? Sometimes it will not be mapped or mapped incorrectly if you switch modes on your wheel. I have had that happen and my car wont let me leave the line in rally. I think in rallycross it will just force me to jump the start...
  15. Bullpupguy

    Ps 4 Reverse problem

    If you are using manual sequential you have to keep downshifting till you get past neutral. If automatic, use the brake while you are at a complete stop. If h-pattern, you would have to map it to whatever button or shifter position suits you in the options menu.