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  1. I think it would be relatively simple if the notes exist in real life, why not have the co-driver actually turn the pages. It can be an infinite book and the notes can be blown up to be larger so the lower resolution vr headsets can still clearly see and read them. Or like an app on the phone where you could take a picture of your own pacenotes and load them into the game to change the pages at your own discretion. Just have the page change mapped to a single button but you could hold the notepad as close to you as needed with the vr controllers. I just feel like it would be cool to have a legit co-driver mode so you could meet across the country and they could have a similar experience as the driver.
  2. Well damn...lol that's both great and odd. I guess I'm just not exactly where whoever did the runs originally were to have the bumps match up with the recordings. Do you agree with the added co-driver mode? I think that is a pretty logical step going forward.
  3. I'm sorry if this has been said before but I would like for whoever the co-driver is in the next game (hopefully still Phil) to sit in an advanced full motion rig and have a perfect computer driver go through the stages while Codemasters records Phils vocals for the pacenotes. To add to that, perhaps record 3 different speeds so his vocals (and urgency) change depending on the speed the driver goes and dynamically change between the multiple recordings as the driver goes faster or slower throughout the stages. Im not sure how the last vocals were recorded since you can occasionally hear a bit of a warble in Phils voice but they don't seem to correspond to any bumps I feel while driving in my full motion rig. As long as whoever the co-driver is, can stand VR, they should also photoscan each of his written pacenotes and have the co-driver be able to flip pages somehow as the new notes come into play while in VR. Not only would the vocal Recording be more convincing since he or she will feel more there in the vehicle but the same notes could be used for a dedicated co-driver mode in the game, similar to how WRC is doing it but this would be in VR. I have been thinking about this for a while and it seems it would be very simple to accomplish, hopefully it will add to the realism of the vocal performance.
  4. Idk...Beamng is a pretty decent representation of a game that holds down complex physics both in vehicle damage and terrain physics...think if a big developer put in the time/money to polish that experience up... All you would have to do is make 6-7 detailed stages with some decent backroads to get from stage to stage. Gta and other vehicle focused games have already proven its possible. Also the fact that we are currently in "next gen" territory means pc developers wont be holding back so the ps4/xbox one can keep up. SSD, DLSS, etc. New tech brings about new things developers can push.
  5. This is definitely possible. Perhaps with the EA buyout, they will have the funding to make this a possibility. I made a video about this topic with WRC 8. Its amazing that almost everything you see in the game is real detailed terrain. It's a waste of resources Im sure but its still really cool to know, if you can see it, you can go there. Im sure its similar in dirt rally 1+2 so all that would be left is to flesh out the areas in the distance with some higher quality roads and assets. Here is the vid I was referencing.
  6. I mean, if they still hold the RX license by then, a splitscreen rallycross mode 1v1 would be a lot of fun.
  7. And get rid of that fake-ass cattle grid baked-in effect feeling.
  8. I would like Rallycross and Hillclimb to be included. Not only do they share many similarities, they mix up the action a lot! Landrush, gymkhana, etc. Those are Dirt games not Dirt Rally games. I will say, if they went all in on rally it would be spectacular! Im saying like, replicate it as detailed as possible. It would be cool to drive up to the start line instead of just magically appearing there. Would make the build up a bit more intense.
  9. I want MORE Rallycross content! Not only are Codemasters the official license holder of the RX games, they do it very well! If you play online multiplayer there are always RX servers going. I know Rallycross isnt the same discipline but its hard to say RX isnt in the same vein. Its basically where group B cars ended up and continue to be to this day if you think about it...
  10. ImodeI just checked and couldnt find it...I suppose I was thinking of a different game altogether... But yes, I enjoyed hill climbing as well. I hope the add like 3 or 4 hillclimb events in the next dirt rally.
  11. Dirt Rally 2.0 does have hill climb mode with Pikes Peak.
  12. Bullpupguy

    Fanatec CSL Elite VS. Podium wheelbase...PS5

    I would be very upset if PS5 didnt support all the gear I purchased. If it looked like there was no chance of support, I would most likely get a dedicated PC for sims. I have a strong feeling that Fanatec will be supported since they currently have an F1 PS themed wheel, the CSL Elite PS4 version and a DD PS themed wheelbase. Its also literally the only DD wheelbase that works with the PS4 without some kind of extra peripheral. I dont see Thrustmaster or Logitech stepping up their quality that much in the short amount of time there is until the PS5 is released.
  13. Bullpupguy

    Car radio please on PS4

    I have played every gta actually. Great games! I dont think a radio would fit in with the dirt rally series, imo. I think it might go great in dirt 5! 🙂
  14. Bullpupguy

    DiRT Rally

    This is one of, if not THE best games I've ever played and there are only 2 pages on this forum dedicated to it? Am I missing something? The only flaws, exclusive to Dirt Rally 1, that really bother me are: 1. Not enough Rallycross Circuits 2. If you barely touch a drainage ditch you do an immediate front flip. 3. Windshield wipers seem to do absolutely nothing unless you drive through a watersplash. 4. Online modes are very sparse. 5. Does not allow the use of a analog Fanatec handbrake without being in "yellow mode" (ps4). It works but it only recognises it as "O"...like an on off switch. It has an amazing FFB system and I wish Dirt Rally 2.0 followed a bit more in DR1's footsteps in that regard. I hope DR3 will have a better FFB system.