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  1. nothere270

    My Franchise 2023

    Love the idea, and it would be magnificent to see it in an F1 game. Considering the amount of work involved it may be a bit much to actually expect, but it would be wonderful to see
  2. nothere270

    When will back markers be allowed to overtake safety car?

    Just happened to me in a new MyTeam mode. Was on for my teams first points of the season too...
  3. nothere270


    CypherF1 Season 3 livery Not bad if I say so myself 🙂 Engine: Mercedes (likely the last year with them, will probably move to Renault for season 4) Teammate: Gasly - McLaren were very tenacious in their efforts to keep Norris and Calderon decided to move to Alfa Romeo in search of new opportunities after winning the Mexican Grand Prix in season 2. Gasly didn’t seem too happy with being the third choice for the seat And damn near took both of us off at the penultimate corner of the Australian Grand Prix... And bless Codemasters for putting numbers on the colour sliders. I can now actually match things up throughout the team
  4. nothere270


    new shot of the new CYPHERF1 livery at Bahrain with all of the new sponsors added:
  5. nothere270


    Season 2 brings new sponsors, and a new livery for the CypherF1 team...
  6. nothere270

    Driver Number.

    I chose number 42, because it’s the answer to life, the universe and everything...
  7. nothere270


    Updated livery for the new sponsors
  8. nothere270

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    I think that the absolute most we can expect from Codies for an accurate 2020 season is maybe as a bonus championship season in next year‘S game a la 2014 being included with F1 2015. but I’ll freely admit that I’m basing that on nothing besides what I’d like in the game, don’t expect codies to actually do it and will probably buy next years game anyway 🙂
  9. nothere270


    Here is my CypherF1 car. I’ve changed the helmet since then, and I’ll be getting a new Car livery at the end of the season. Trying to model it on the Warhammer character colour Scheme, without a lot of success I think 🙂 but nonetheless happy with the livery. Had Mr Rangunathan as my teammate until Austria, when Tatiana Calderon joined the team 🙂
  10. nothere270

    Can't change fuel mix in my team at all

    Is this putting in fuel at the start of the race and it saying you’re like 10 laps short? if so, ignore it - you will have enough fuel to get to the end on mix 2/3. I think this is caused by your race practice simulation programme having high fuel consumption. It’s happened to me loads and I can get to the end of races without fuel saving
  11. nothere270

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

  12. nothere270

    Schumacher DLC removed

    Ditto. Everything from all DLC including my podium pass Earnings has vanished
  13. nothere270

    Pit Coins

    As I underdtand things (and I may have kissed some news) the comic will appear, but the servers for the podium pass are currently down and your coins will appear when they are back up
  14. nothere270

    MyTeam Fuel load Bug

    I’ve just completed the Azerbaijan race (although it crashed seconds after I crossed the finish line in 10th which I’m not terribly happy about, but I think was probably an issue with my computer more than anything else) The issue isn’t with the amount of fuel you can put in to the car, but the calculation of the laps you can complete with that fuel. So you can fill up with 110kg of fuel like anywhere else but it thinks that you can only go 39 laps with that. Completed the race without entering lean fuel mode once and without lifting and coasting. looks like my previous efforts in Australia and China were for nothing and were overzealous im not so sure that it relates to good performance in the fuel programme. I think it might be because of heavy fuel usage in the race programme. The numbers for fuel didn’t look right when I last looked at them, but I’m afraid that I didn’t snapshot it either way, the Issue doesn’t seem to affect the game as much as I thought it did
  15. nothere270

    MyTeam Fuel load Bug

    It’s happened again with Azerbaijan I passed the fuel saving practice programme with a purple mark, so I don’t think it’s that Am going to run the race without fuel savings to see if it’s the fuel load that’s wrong, or the estimate of the laps that the fuel load can cover.