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  1. I got the new game and a new Wifi pretty much at the same time and every since I get the error code 1008:H. I guess it is because of my new wifi, not because of the new game. In the forum for F1 2019 I read it could be fixed by port-forwarding, but unfortunately the wifi router does not have a function to do that. Also all the other steam games dont work aswell, but I thought I ask here because I have the error code in this game. Other than the steam games, wifi works with everything else. It also probably doesnt have anything to do with my antivirus(Kaspersky). I deactivaded the firewall and gave steam and checked that the "rights" for steam and the game seem appropriate. Does anybody have an idea how to fix it? Edit: After reading this master thread, I tried using VPN and mobile data via a hotspot. Both didnt change anything.
  2. I cant play online anymore. Sometimes it says Error 1008:H and sometimes my PC just disconnects from the wifi entirely. I have this problem since a month or so already. I have already lokked into Kaspersky but couldnt help it. I playing on PC with Kaspersky installed. Provider: Vodafone with a Vodafone Station Edit: F1 2018 also doesnt seem to work anymore. Playing in Version 1.22