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  1. fancyairplane

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    I started playing this game when it was released in PS Plus and don't find clubman that difficult. I will definitely start struggling in Pro and expect myself to either drop back to Clubman or just scrap by and not get relegated. That is where my skill ceiling is at currently and doesn't mean it needs to be struck there forever by any means. I am sitting in my couch and playing with a PS4 controller and its not that hard. I am at the top of the leaderboard in Clubman and usually 5-10 seconds ahead of the AI in most races if I drive well. If I don't drive well I finish 5-10 seconds behind them and if I really mess up then it gets worse. For the record I was a sim racing noob when I started playing this game and I have no previous history of playing any sim racing games. I have only played arcade racing games before. If you are complaining about Clubman AI being difficult then getting better is your only course of action and I am no great driver trust me. I am 30-60 seconds behind the top of the leaderboard in most races and still finishing on top or at least getting podium on most races. The game is not perfect but winning on Clubman is not as hard as it seems.