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  1. Some players are using trainers and cheats PC Steam GRID 2019 Multiplayer Does not matters if there is two or more players including AI Some players can get a speed boost which does not exists in the game No error messages Gamepad Video
  2. Some players are using off road to get advantages, game does not apply penalties to them. PC Steam GRID 2019 Multiplayer Does not matters if there is two or more players including AI Players which find out in Redbull Circuit is possible to go off road and not get penalties are doing this all the time No error messages Gamepad Some videos
  3. I am here to support you against who is using unfair advantages. We are a small community, I bought this game 3 months ago, it was a expensive game. After seeing this videos, and searching on youtube about cheaters programs I realize HOW EASY is to use such hacks!!! Coldmaster, we know there is some feature on multiplayer to kick from lobby who is cheating but this is not enough. How hard is to implement some kind of anti-cheating? Have you guys abandon the GRID 2019?
  4. your vga is fine to run in 1080p settings High (shadows and reflection Medium). The bottleneck is the CPU, you need upgrade it. I would advise a i5 9400 or Ryzen 3600. This upgrade will force you to replace also motherboard. Here a example of same vga running Grid
  5. I caught some cheater on GRID 2019, all they in video for analyse. How could I proceed? Where the best place to report it? It was on PC Steam platform.
  6. How to have replay cameras only on tv cameras? When choosing for cinematic camera the game give us some worst angles such as in bumper or wheels. When we get in a in session lobby, in the standing background we can see some nice angles, but they are no available in replay mode.
  7. It will make any difference if some player are geo locale too far away from me, for instance, I am from Brazil hosting a game and someone in my lobby is playing from Australia. Will some of us get any issue such as lag?
  8. Have you try set Dynamic Range to High? I am sure you will get a huge improvement. However, you mus check quality of your speaker also headphones. Also, watch or play some others titles such as Forza Motorsport 7 and you will see how better Grid is compared to then.
  9. In multiplayer it is very common seeing people exploring off road and take unfair advantages from it. I can see a lot of people overtaking by off road for long distances in corners and also straights lines. Red bull and Silverstone are those circuits which I can see too much of this happening all the time. Fixing time punishment in these two circuits would help a lot. However, would be nice if you could take these two approaches: 1. increase the seconds penalties by length running offroad. I know that some times we lose control or even get outside by collision. 2. Re
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