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  1. Anything is possible, other games have done it, best example call of duty. Guess it depends how they have structured all the files. and no i don't know the actual size that braking point takes up, but on the xbox the games almost doubled in size from f1 2020. The old cars most likely don't take up to much, but would think the cinematics and audio would be pretty big.
  2. If codemasters have no plans to unlock the f1 2020 and f2 cars etc in leagues/grand prix mode can we have a option (especially on consoles) to delete braking point from our systems. I have already finished Braking point and enjoyed it, but I have no need to return to it again. On the xbox series X the games already very big, would be nice to remove cinematics, audio, cars and textures related to this content to save space.
  3. sadly its a tv issue. a quick google search will show its widespread on a range of tv setups on multiple games and systems.. i noticed it on my setup using Dolby in f1 19.
  4. You are most likely using Dolby/atmos or DTS sound in Xbox settings, this is the issue. Try stereo or a different setting and see if the problem goes away.
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