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  1. does anyone have or seen a Color slider guide, classic team colors for my team? For example the exact for rosa corsa red, prost blue, benetton blue etc?
  2. Is that an iphone or android? what telemetry program?
  3. would it be better to get the thrustmaster gt-x base, thrustmaster f1 wheel and the logitech g29 pedals? also for a cockpit going to be using a playseat challenge or a next level gt-lite based on the space i have
  4. For wheels looking at the Logitech G29 vs. Thrustmaster T300RS GT wheel with F1 mods. MVH studios makes an f1 mod and thrustmasters has their f1 wheel. My only gripe with the Thrustmaster is it looks very plastic compared to the logitech. Any feedback? using ps4 pro
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