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    Wheel not detected

    I have a HORi overdrive xbox wheel, it has a gamepad and a steering wheel option on it, when i change it to the sterring wheel option the game wont pick it up and i cannot bind the keys as it is not detecting any, further more it means i have to play in gamepad mode with my wheel and some buttons do the same thing and i cannot do anything about it 😞 please try to fix for the 2020 game. p.s my friend has the ps4 version of the wheel and it works fine with steering mode.
  2. Help! Please! I was driving around the Netherlands and i retired from the race, Upon retirement the game crashed, when i rebooted the race my data had been wiped, almost like i'd hit the reset data button? Is there any way i could get everything back because it wiped the my team, all my livery designs and ect..


  3. Trampoline

    Wheel not detected

    ok i might pick up the t300 then
  4. Trampoline

    Wheel not detected

    yeah thinking off upgrading to a thrustmaster t150 with the ferraria f1 add on
  5. Trampoline

    Wheel not detected

    I know but maybe it could get supported, would be nice 🙂
  6. Trampoline

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Hopefully i get a spot