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    Tyre compound - Strategy

    my english it's no good XD with my example I intend to differentiate the strategy of the AI - some drivers: 1 pit stops strategy (25% of race with Soft tyre - 75% of race with Hard tyre) - some drivers: 2 pit stops strategy (25% soft -50% Medium -25% soft) - some drivers out of top10: 1 pit stops (40% medium-60% Hard) *the percent value it's indicative Three different strategies, more realistic and more differentiated than current ones P.S. only for dry races. the wet races it's OK in the game
  2. The AI Strategy is wrong again in F1 2020, it's not real. for example in 100% race, why 3 pit stop?? why the AI with hard compound do fewer laps with Medium or Soft?? It would be great a make changes. example for 100% and 50% race: 1 pit strategy: Soft-Hard 2 pit strategy: Soft-Soft-Medium or Soft-Medium-Soft 1 pit (alternate strategy for some driver out of top10) Medium-Hard it would be nice, differentiated and realistic, what do you think ?