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  1. Great Video PJ, I didn't know you had already made one.
  2. Maybe Jon Armstrong (or one of the aliens) can do a timetrial vid of gamepad v wheel.
  3. It would be good to see who is using gamepad on the leaderboards. In my experience using both wheel and gamepad, is that after I had tried the wheel and pedals with this game there was no going back. Wheel and pedals is a lot more immersive and for me is better!!
  4. Don't know if this video has been posted before, just found it. I now understand why I must keep the throttle on whilst left foot braking and hand braking the 205 T16. Great Group B vid!!!!
  5. Going to start the event tomorrow but don't know which tyres to choose. Might go for hard?
  6. Because there is only 1 service stop over the 12 stages in Event 1, what are the best tyres to choose? Medium or Hard?
  7. Go into Freeplay, then Racenet Clubs.
  8. Thanks I need to practice the custom event and see how much faster it is. I was getting a stack of unexpected kick out on the higher degradation World Series track. I'm thinking then Jon Armstrong would definitely get under 04:16.00 That 4:34.465 is maybe staged.
  9. Would be good if we could watch the replay of the WINNER of each race in the World Series. (could they get uploaded to this forum?) Somebody has just got 04:14.650 on Ocean Beach Sprint Forward! That's an amazing time on that degraded surface, would like to watch that.
  10. How does the track stage degradation work in these Championships? Is this the same for everbody in the championships? Can it be switched off? You're 04:34.465 is a good time! So how is it possible that someone can get a 04:19.068 with this different, more difficult surface degradation in this championship mode? Can this more difficult track surface be practised on? Or is it only Time Trial smooth surface?
  11. Just done the challenge again set the same as japandriver at very hard 91, I'm also using a PS4 console. It looks like my AI drivers time to finish within 1 minute was easier. I managed to finish within a second of first place. The time japandriver has on his photo of 49:06.865 is definitely doable though! My overall time was 50:11.087 and with more practice I think I could take another 25 seconds off it. So it's not an impossible time the AI has set. 😀
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