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  1. Lol, if you compare the updates we manage to get as is to other games they are really quite tiny in reality. There’s loads of issues to be fixed and we get maybe a dozen fixes that only affect some users, instead of bigger fixes like how the penalty system is completely broken constantly handing out 5 secs for being rear-ended into a corner or behind SC.
  2. We just cancelled our league for this season until multiplayer is fixed because it’s just such an awful, unplayable experience. For me personally on China, I had one car 3 places behind me trigger an illegal overtake when I went a little off track on T1 with no one around me. Then it happened again a few laps later with another car that was near the back of the grid, whilst overtaking a Ferrari backmarker in turn 2 that decided to cut the corner then go straight into the opposite barriers across the track, collecting me in the process. Then, for more excitement, proceeded to flip out
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