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  1. PSA : English is not my main language so bear with me. Hi guys! (this is almost a copy/paste from a post I did on another website but I figured it might be useful to post it there). Long story short : Now I'm Elite 1, level 20, almost 4700 trophies at the moment, 42 R&D points, 1400 perf indicator. tap player. Downloaded the game on April) *My thoughts on duels, problems, suggestions : -Matchmaking shouldn't be based on your number of trophies but on your perf indicator. It's fairer this way in my opinion. So you're winning because of your skill, not because of your car. -Safety rating issues. Maybe it's just me, but whenever I'm doing a qualifying duel, if I get a clean driving, I actually lose 0.1 on my safety rating, which is.... well, frustrating because it should be the other way around? (It happens about 75% of the time for me). -Suggestions on grid start duels. Your position on the grid (relative to your opponent) shouldn't be decided by your number of trophies but on your record on the circuit. For instance, if my opponent has the best time in solo qualifying compared with me, he would be placed in front of me on the grid. -Issues when doing sprint races/qualifying duels. Maybe some of you noticed but the game is trying to "equalize" both of you by positioning your car at the same place as your rival. But it actually never works because of lag. So what the game is doing is that it makes your car (or your opponent's) break a little bit just before or after the starting line. This little "tap breaking" is very unfair for the one getting it because it reduces your launch speed and if the first section of the circuits is a long straight (Mexico, Sochi), you can lose quite a bit of time. In qualifying, it can be a win or lose if both of you are at the same level. In sprint races, it's very very very unfair because it means the one who got the "tap breaking" will have a lower speed and will get passed before the first turn. I noticed that most of the time, it's the player in front (just before the starting line) who gets the breaking. -Of course, problems with penalties on track when your rival punts you and you get a contact penalty. -The 2020 update was a good thing in my opinion because it made physics a little bit more realistic. But some things remain quite meh, we can still take some turns at a ridiculous speed. (Canada's final chicane, Austria's first turn, etc) -Track limits. Some chicanes in the game are not forgiving at all with the update. Monza's first chicane, Spain's final chicane, Suzuka's final chicane, Baku's turns 5/6 are the most obvious one to me. -We should be able to change the setup in game and not having to go back to the home screen. Thoughts?