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  1. this is only since the latest patch. williams felt really odd in an equal performance open lobby earlier too.
  2. Just been doing some tt at france and equal performance red bull seems alot faster than slower cars such as haas and williams. this is on equal performance in tt. i managed a 1.29.3 in the williams, whereas a 1.28.7 in the red bull. i then tried the realistic performance red bull and it felt the same. will do bug report later once my clip has uploaded from xbox.
  3. why do people care abt this there is genuine problems with this game that need fixing. things like this shouldnt be a priority when the game still has fundamental issues rather than some gimmick for casuals. sort big issues that affect how playable, realistic or glitchy the game is, then focus on little things like this.
  4. codies get it sorted mesquitas deserves this tier 3 title so far 😂many of our other drivers got this issue too.
  5. ive said it before but we also need some ppl for f2 so join the same discord link if you want to do that. f2 is on friday at 7pm.
  6. RCRL Need people for our f1 tiers on sunday. We are an established league going into our 4th season on xbox only. We just need some more drivers to ensure full grids in all tiers. TIER TIMES: Tier 1- sunday 7.15pm tier 2- sunday 5pm tier 3- sunday 5pm all times in BST We welcome drivers of all abilities as long as u can race cleanly and respectfully. If you want to join, join our discord and complete the sign up process. Lobby settings are on the discord. ASSIST RESTRICTIONS: Braking assist-off pit assist-off pit release-off drs assist-off ers assist-off Hope t
  7. yeahh i dont run the f2 cheers cadgey 😂
  8. ON XBOX forgot to mention that. just see one of my older posts for more info.
  9. RCRL Need drivers desperately for our f2 division on fridays at 7pm. if you are interested pls join our discord, where you can also sign up to our f1 leagues for season four. discord: https://discord.gg/Zpvx5hAgEj F1 Leagues are sunday at either 5pm or 7.15pm depending on which of our 3 tiers you are placed in
  10. I think it would be good if the 2019 leagues forum was deleted, because noone really uses it for 2019 leagues anymore. The reason it is used is because its the top google search result for "xbox f1 leagues" "ps4 f1 leagues" and "pc f1 leagues". Therefore i think it should get removed cus all it does is makes ppl not use the current ones.
  11. RCRL F2 DIVISION We have an all new F2 division running at 7pm on friday for f1 2021. To join it, use the same discord invite and ask in the recruitment area for further info. another thing to add all abilities are welcome as long as you understand how to drive clean and respectfully.
  12. RCRL is going into season 4 on f1 2021 on XBOX ONLY. We had a hugely succesful season last year, and are looking to do the same again on f1 2021. We are going to be running 3 tiers this season, to ensure full grids as supposed to the 4 we ran last season. times are as follows: Tier 1: Sunday 7.15pm Tier 2: Sunday 5pm Tier 3: Sunday 5pm Assists allowed is all except brake, pit, pit release, drs and ers. To join the league, join the discord here and complete the sign up process: https://discord.gg/3qyqvp2s5j We are a well established league which has been running since f1 2019. Ho
  13. oops cant remove the embed, just search up RCRL_Streams or rcrl_streams2 on twitch
  14. RCRL is a established league on sundays on XBOX. We are currently in the transfer between seasons, and for season 3 we are running 4 tiers. We just need a few drivers to fill up the lat few spots. If you are interested, join the discord https://discord.gg/6kfCzG8jVh and complete the sign up process. Times: Tier 1: 7 15 pm Sunday TIier 2: 5pm sunday Tier 3: 7.15 pm sunday Tier 4; 7.15 pm sunday Please make sure you can make ALL those times as you will be placed in a tier according to pace. SETTINGS: 50% race full qualifying strict corner cutting full damage formatio
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