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  1. Hello First of I wanna start by saying that I am a big Grid 2 fan. The game was really great but there were a lot of small things that could have been changed to make it a whole lot better. So let's start with the car brands. I liked the amount of availible cars on Grid 2 but I still felt like there where some nice brands that got left out like Saab for example. I don't know if this has anything to do with permissions of companies like GM or something but if you are able to add car brands like Saab or Lamborghini or Ferrari then please do. I don't want to create a list of car brands but just add some general every day cars that people use around the world. I would also like to talk about models. While the amount of brands you had in Grid 2 where pretty decent I felt like some brands missed a lot of good cars. Like Keonigsegg for example(yes I'm a swede). Sure you added the Agera R which was great in every way imaginable but the CCX and the CCX, CCR and the CCXR would also have been nice to drive to feel how big the difference is between the cars. The next thing I would like to talk about is the racing features. I felt like the focus on Grid 2 where mostly put into the racing experience which is good of course because it's a racing game. But a lot of important things kinda got left out that could help the racing experience a lot! For example people have been complaining about the corner cutting feature in Grid 2. I personally didn't like it all but I would not mind having it in game as long as you can turn it off in the settings. Features that are in the game like CCing should be able to be disabled in both multiplayer and singleplayer. People should be able to customize their races a lot more and disable and enable things like corner cutting, people ghosting out when you are about to hit them(This especially I love crashes, it made me so sad that I couldn't take a koenigs and T-Bone my friend to see what would happen) etc... The next and last thing I would like to talk about is lap times. Now while Grid 2 had the weeks fastest lap times on certain tracks certain weeks these got reset. When I'm playing the campaign and other tracks for that matter I would love to be able to see the all time fastest lap in the world for that track. Having that said people at codemasters should also watch these times to check for cheaters. I thought that a good way of doing this is that every lap would be recorded. If the lap makes the top 10 in the world then it would be saved and sent to codemasters for a review. I would also love for the world to see the top 10 laps as well just to see how the pros does it. That's it for me this time. Thanks!
  2. Lamborghini cars are definitely something that I miss in GRID series compared with NFS series. Porsche would be nice too. Indeed, animations take too long in GRID2 so that they are sometimes quite annoying. Selecting livery is one of such cases. Animations should be smart enough: e.g. when a user goes through more than one menu item, animations should not slow down his movement though menu. Previous animation should be cancelled immediately once the user does some next action in user interface (e.g. shifts to another menu item while previous animation is not yet finished). Another case: if the user presses Escape (e.g. when he unexpectedly gets "Race rules" ["nicely" animated of course] instead of "Reset" due to Reset item suddenly became inactive in the menu during race), then he should be able to escape immediately — without need to pointlessly wait for animation to finish (with Race rules such annoying waiting causes losing many seconds and quite often results in subsequent retiring from the race). Animation may be finished visually when appropriate, but UI reaction to user action should be immediate anyway. Porsche can't be in Grid. EA owns it on some contract. I think Microsoft owns Ferrari but don't quote me on that! I want saab tho. I feel like it's missing from most racing games.
  3. Something else that should be change that is really important is that when someone joins a lobby with a race in progress they should be able to spectate the race instead of just sitting there doing nothing -.- Also when selecting a car in multiplayer and you are looking through your liverys make sure that it doesn't take 3 seconds to load each livery because you can't look through all of them with the limited time you have to select a car.
  4. Yes, that's the one I'm talking about :D What do you mean by gold? Maybe the 9-5 and the 9-3?