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  1. david12072

    Travelling Thread...

    Also when people will get out of this corona pandemic then definitely government will promote tourism.
  2. david12072

    Travelling Thread...

    Yeah I agree with you. Things totally depends on the situation of place. If everything goes okay, we can definitely proceed for our trips.
  3. david12072

    Travelling Thread...

    Do anyone have idea when travelling will get started like before?
  4. david12072

    The Game Thread!

    Yeah I also played this game several times and it's quite amazing.
  5. david12072


    Yeah this game is so interesting.
  6. david12072

    The PC Thread V2

    Yeah $100 is the enough money to get a good computer chair. I myself needed a computer chair which I bought after checking several reviews specially this one helped me a lot. And I ended up buying bestoffice ergonomic chair.
  7. david12072

    Expert Question ( witch Monitor )

    I think you should go with Benq XL2420T 144Hz.
  8. david12072

    Do you listen to music when you play DiRT?

    Actually I don't prefer listening song while gaming because it often disturbs me from the game.
  9. david12072

    Latest Movie/Tv show you watched

    I have completed watching Harry Potter last time.
  10. david12072

    What Car Do You Own?

    I'm having Audi A6 2018 model that's so comfortable for me.