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  1. You changed the physics like an arcade again. Listen to real users who feedbacked for previous amazing physics in cornering which can show understeer in high speed And by reducing the speed properly i could get out of the corner with pleasant feeling. but after new update, the cornering And steering felt so strange. plz rework the physics toward the simulation not arcade. Please Dont Listen those arcade users who spoil the game. Anyhow, getting fit to control. Just my Preferation.
  2. Robinnngo

    New update - here we go again

    Yes same here as you felt. but i think the physics is getting better towards realistic.
  3. AMG is very attracted for me. If the engine sound also update like real, i would rather pick the honda engine but since all the engine sounds are the same, the design is the choice. may the performance of all official cars are also same? it may depend on the individual setting. How about renault? it looks also great.
  4. Robinnngo

    Driver head motion

    I reckon the driver head had moving motions in 2016. but why not in 2020? When you race at this camera view, you see the head fix like a stone. not realistic. Can it be updated?
  5. Robinnngo

    Custum car v/s Official car.

    I asked to codemasters and the answer was that now all the official car and custom car design are the same in accordance with f1 2020 regulation. but later it will be updated with each makers specification and design afrer f1 season start. so its better to get your favorite official car when you have a chance. looking forward so much the update. i have red bull by paid but accumulate CR for AMG.
  6. Yas Marina Sochi Shanghai .. Why those circuit ground details are like anti-slip surface with big holes in f1 mobile racing? I searched real Yas marina's ground detail as attached but not like in game. Hope it will be updated like real one. Am i wrong?