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  1. WelshAl

    F1 2019 not lanching

    I'm having the same problem. Looking for answers...
  2. Hi. I can't find any help for this issue. F1 2018 plays normally offline, but as soon as I enter one of the multiplayer lobbies all sound stops. I have checked the sound source. I have disabled communication in Windows 10. Please, can somebody help?
  3. Hi. I've been trying to find out about this issue and have found lots of suggestions about sound lag or general absence, but my issue is simple. As soon as I click into the multiplayer option, the sound disappears. This makes races impossible. I have checked the sound devices. It still occurs regardless of the use of speakers or headphones. I have checked out the Win10 communications setting, and it is set to 'do nothing'. Still the problem persists. Does anyone have another suggestion? I like the career mode, but would like to play against humans. Thanks. Al