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  1. I get that, but when you're engrossed in a race and then the AI does something completely stupid it takes you out of the immersion.
  2. the mistakes were too silly earlier on, just weaving and spinning out. The mistakes needed to be coded to be more about late braking and crashing into each other, clipping wheels and spinning out or being too rough wheel to wheel and causing damage, not silly weaving and spinning out or losing it under throttle input randomly. Shouldn't be no mistakes at all though.
  3. I came out of my game on PS5, the 1.10 had downloaded so I opened up the game. Still logged in to my account but my MyTeam save, Braking point save, custom liveries and setups have all vanished. PS5. Whole Game affected, no previous save data available. Post 1.10 update. No PS5 error code on screen.
  4. Mounting other cars? So just like the real Italian GP then.
  5. Been away for a couple of weeks. Turn it back on today, go to the Dutch GP and load in my standard setup which is one I've developed that works pretty well across all tracks. Suddenly I've got no-turn in, crippling understeer and I'm at the back of the grid. Tried a range of tyres, low fuel, just lap-after-lap, tweaking my wing and nothing. Has something happened to the game because I've had to turn it off because it's stopped working basically. I know that setup should work and I've not completely lost all semblance of how to drive in a few weeks.
  6. I find even in a much faster car I can't run well on softs at the start, put mediums on first stop and I'm flying. The differential between softs and mediums in first stint isn't strong enough and then the AI leaders who pit can't get through the field when they pit early. First two races in a Merc in career mode I've trailed Lewis at the first stop but he gets stuck in the midfield after his stop and I can overtake him and drive off. It needs fixing as it's ruining realism.
  7. Maybe, I just think without it it becomes driver career mode with custom livery. Even if they just replaced the ERS 1-5 setting on the HUD with 5 different commands for your team-mate, let's say "Push - Save fuel - Hold position - Swap position and Pit this lap" with a neutral setting and you could switch it and it gives the command it would be a huge bonus. I know some people would exploit or spam it but unlike online, it's their own career mode they'd be wasting but for proper players it would be a decent fix for one year till a more immersive option on next gen consoles, if needs be.
  8. Of course, maybe it could have a reputation rating where if you keep screwing over your team-mate they stop listening, don't renew contracts etc. and it damages your acclaim. Just think with it being constructors based, the AI is more than capable of buggering up your team-mates strategy with inferior decision making.
  9. Can we set our team-mates qualifying and race strategy, and can we give our team-mates team orders during the race? If the whole point is to run a team and win the constructors then really we need that in-race control, getting the edge with undercuts and pitting under SC. I basically won a championship in F1 2019 based off pitting under the SC whilst my AI team-mate, despite being in front, would carry on only to pit 2 laps after the SC pits. We really need some level of control even if it's just prompting Jeff to give our team-mate orders.
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