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  1. Antongames337

    Another featured event?!

    Moreover, such trophies banned for playstation users. For example, Overwatch gets achievements for special events only on Xbox, but not on Playstation. PVZGW2 and F1 2019 are exceptions!
  2. Antongames337

    Another featured event?!

    Agree with you! Typically developers do warnings about discontinuing any online features months before. I have two friends who have just bought the game and wait for this event, they didn't read this forum and nobody said them that these events discontinue. And there are tons of such people who do not read such forums, buy games on sale and platinum/100% them. There should be a warning in the game that people could inform others using social media and most popular game websites. Codemasters, please, give as a chance!
  3. Antongames337

    Another featured event?!

    Excuse me, but is it difficult to organise a Grand Prix weekly event? I bought a game after saw this message ( ) on the forum. Have just realised that it is only predictions 😔. But still. Now I have no opportunity to get two trophies in a f1 2019. A lot of players bought this game on a discount few weeks ago, maybe you could give all us a last chance to get those two trophies when you/other devs have some time to organise an event (maybe few weeks after F1 2020 release, we could wait)? Please, give us this opportunity, we will be very thankful!
  4. Antongames337

    Another featured event?!

    Is @BarryBL a developer? He knows for sure? I could wait a long time, I just need to know when Grand prix will be on to get two remaining trophies. It is bad that there is no ingame scheldue like in PVZGW2, so I need to write in forum, write to codemasters via email to know about future events. By the way, where could I write to codemasters? Maybe there is support twitter account, or special email?
  5. Antongames337

    Another featured event?!

    @BarryBL Could you give some information about weekly events in F1 2019?
  6. Antongames337

    Another featured event?!

    Last week somebody said that this week we will have an opportunity to participate in a grand prix, but it is another featured event this week. Somebody from the dev team could say real plans for the events schedule?
  7. Antongames337

    Weekly Grand prix in F1 2019

    In forum somebody of the dev team wrote that on 22-28 July is scheduled Grand prix in France but now I see another featured event. Please, could you say what plans do you have for the future events, when I will have an opportunity to get two trophies for weekly grand prix?