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  1. BillyDB

    Slow in fast out = you lose! Good day sir!

    Thanks for the responses. I have started to feel like the fast sections are becoming more manageable, especially once I figured out the straight line breaking I even somehow got promoted to the pro division. Now I really have something to wine about!
  2. So I’m a filthy wrc8 fan and really wanting to get into dirt but I’m baffled by the fast sections. Poland is bad but Australia is just nuts, not the slower sections, they’re awesome, but on Chandlers creek reverse you start with 3 or 4 fast 6 turns over severe bumps. I can survive by easing the acceleration and perhaps a touch of breaking but then I’m behind at the first checkpoint, if I drive like a suicidal lemming clinging to a jet powered pogo stick I inevitably bounce the wrong way and explode. I really really want to get into this game but these sections that force you to drive like a maniac with zero control over the car and just prey you don’t die are making it tough. What am I not getting? How do I keep my foot on the floor (as apparently the ai demands I do) and not bounce off into oblivion? Is it just memorizing every bump? I’m really hoping it’s something you learn to master but I don’t even know where to begin with this.