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  1. FR3N3TIK13

    black screen

    @UP100 Proud to have been of help, both yesterday and this morning I was afraid of having to wait for a patch to be able to start playing again ... Fortunately I solved it myself😂
  2. FR3N3TIK13

    black screen

    @UP100 I immediately show you the Geforce Experience settings to use, but of course the ones you will see in the photos are adapted to my PC The important thing is not to set the antialias to "DLSS performance" via GeForce Experience from what I understand I realized that GeForce Experience has bugs when I saw the framerate stuck at 60 when I actually have a 144hz monitor p.s Sorry if the images are in Italian but I have the pc in Italian
  3. FR3N3TIK13

    black screen

    I FOUND THE SOLUTION !! If you mistakenly have the game optimized with GeForce Experience you just have to open the program, click on F1 2020 (details section) and click on the right on "Restore" and the game will return as before
  4. FR3N3TIK13

    black screen

    Hi, I also found the same error. Unlike you though, the HUD is always present. I also attach a video where you can see the problem My game rig: I9-9900k, RTX 2080TI, 32GB Ram, Motherboard Msi Gaming Pro Carbon Ac, 1tb sdd samsung 970 pro, 800w power supply, Using Xbox one controller. F1_2020_(DirectX_12)_2020-07-08_08-17-34.mp4
  5. Thanks for the information, i think i have to wait the 7th July for download the game because i have bought It on an external store
  6. FR3N3TIK13

    Hello form Italy!

    Hi everyone, I'm a boy from Italy and I love racing games. I have tried many racing games in the past, starting to play Gran Turismo on PS2. Now I have a very performing PC and I have recovered some titles such as F1 2017, F1 2018, F1 2019 and I have booked F1 2019. I also love the Codemasters rally games but I have not played many of them. I speak pretty good English and I hope to play with people from the community😀