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  1. So why was not fixed before release? You understand me @BarryBL? Maybe i was to aggressive in my words, but seems codemasters just know there are problems and release anyway independent of the impact of the bugs on the game... For me as a client that buy the game and as an informatic engineer, triggers me this policy, it is really bad
  2. No way codemasters didnt see the DRS problem. They just didnt care at all to fix that... 100% sure.. its impossible to not notice the problem. Codemasters developers showing how they work.... "Is there an error, lets just don't do nothing now, and later we will fix it. Put on the list where are 10000 problems to solve." The track is great not gonna lie but yeah... codemasters approving this type of things will always make this game garbage in terms of bugs and errors...
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