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  1. Hi guys, Something very weird happened during a race and I was wonder if anyone can help me or if this has happened to annyone else? We were racing in Canada (50%) and simulation damage. We had 7 laps left when the saftey car came out and I was on mediums front was 16% worn and rear was worn 24%. The safety car went back in and race restarted. The car felt fine for about a lap and then out of nowhere I had very heavy vibrations on my wheel the whole time and the car was completely undriveable. I went to pit for new soft tyres and the problem was solved. I went through all the MFD screens, No temperature warnings or any punctures. I can't think that I ran over any debris or anything significant happened that could cause this. I really don't want this to happen again. Can anyone please help? Kind regards Stephan de Jager