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  1. Hi guys, i have a connection problem with multiplayer races. After 1 or 2 races the game crashes instantly or tells me "disconnect form servers"(or sth like that, i dont remember exactly), when im loading for the next race. it's strange cuz before the bugs came to me i had played grid 2 year or longer without any problems. Hope u will fin solution for me. Platform: PC Game version: Grid 2 Game mode: Multiplayer Number of players: Doesn't matter What happened in the lead up to the problem?: I don't know, it happened from day to day Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc): Keyboard If you have any videos or screenshots, please share them. If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears: If it's necessary, i will play with my friends to get crashed or getting information about dc to send u a screenshot.