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  1. Coop-Career: Sometimes it happens that the car Perfomance go from realistic to equal. Sometimes my friend loses his driver boni (like more points or social media lvl 2) Sometimes my friend loses his rival after a new session Force Feedback: Everytime i start the Game, i have no FFB. I have to shut my wheel down and start it again to have ffb. Multiplayer: Jumpstarts, it happens that some people and KI can start the race, but i have still the 5 lights on Report Code: KVXP-KDES-GBPS-CGXG Platform: Steam - PC Game Mode: Coop - Career Force Feedback (eve
  2. Team: Sharuna Racing Team Driver Name: Yelkajor Sharuna Saison 1: Honda with Deletraz and Mazepin Saison 2: Mercedes with Latifi AI: Quali 95 and Race 97 16 Races You may saw the Photo on a Codemaster Social Media Post, but i still love this livery i use in My Team
  3. I Love the Designs in 2020 for Multiplayer/My Team. Now its your Turn. Please show me your own Liverys or your Favourite Livery you saw. (Please use the official Livery from the F1 2020 Game and NOT Mods). U Can use more then one Livery like i did. I am curious what you submit 😄 Greetings Yelkajor P.S. My totally Favourite Livery ist the 1st one with the Alfa Romeo in Baku Background
  4. i registered day one it was possible with my friend, he will have acces, because he can see the beta forum and i cant see it 5 of my friends (2x2 and my mate) have acces but i dont
  5. Hey, My Friend Corni has acces to the beta (extra blue page and that). He Registered with me together but i dont have it ? Is is a random factor who get it ?
  6. Good Luck for everyone 🙂 Hope i can get a key 😧
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