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  1. Thanks Kur. I did see that PDF and unfortunately it didn't help my situation because DR2 just flat out doesn't see inputs from the player 2 part of the encoder. But, I think part of my problem was that I was so focused on the use of two joysticks that I missed an obvious solution. My friend was very quick to point it out and make fun of me this morning . The design of the box gated the two sticks so they only function as a sequential shifter and handbrake. Meaning the handbrake stick can only be pulled back, and the shifter can only go forward and back. So I don't actually have the other movements wired at all like left and right. I was so focused on the sticks being mapped to their respective "player" on the USB encoder that I completely missed the fact that I can just map everything to open ports for player 1. So the physical down pull on the handbrake can be wired to left or right on player 1 since they aren't in use. I still find it odd that all my other racing games see the inputs fine and DR2 doesn't, but I have a very simple fix for it and all it will require is a quick button re-assignment in the games. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Sorry if this has been answered before but my searches have come up blank. I've just gotten into simracing recently and my buddy and I decided to design a box/controller to create a sequential shifter, a handbrake, and a few extra buttons. For it I used a dual controller USB encoder, which basically has inputs for a joystick and some buttons separated for each player. Windows recognizes it as a single gamepad in the devices list, but in the controller properties it shows two controllers with individual sets of buttons/configurations when opening the test window. It's been working great so far in Project Cars 2, Grid 2019, and Dirt Rally. All of the buttons and the dual joysticks just register as another set of options for input configuration within the games. But for some reason in Dirt Rally 2.0 it will not read the second set of inputs, aka player 2. So in the in-game menus it recognizes the unit as "Twin USB Gamepad" and will see all of the inputs assigned to player 1 on the usb encoder and they work fine, but it just doesn't register any inputs from player 2. The problem with this is each joystick is linked to a player on the USB encoder, so in my example the shifter is player 2 and handbrake is player 1. In theory I could change the connections on the USB encoder so that everything is done on one stick, like making a pull to the left the handbrake while up and down remain gear changes. But that ruins the whole dual-handle aesthetic, plus it seems so strange that it works in every other game I've tested including the previous Dirt Rally. I've tried removing all other controllers from the PC just to make sure there wasn't a limit on the number of connected devices but that didn't help either. I've tried all of the various device types within the advanced input settings, but even in the input reporting page it doesn't show any inputs from the player 2 connected buttons/stick. So if anyone has any ideas on what could resolve this I would greatly appreciate it. Through my testing it feels like a limitation within Dirt Rally 2.0 rather than a device/driver issue since it works in Windows and other games, so just hoping someone else knows what may be going on. Thanks