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  1. Des0xyN

    F1 questions

    Oh, after reading your post once again, you might be talking about the new F1 2021 mode "Braking Point". No info has been given on the mode itself yet let alone any gameplay of the game.
  2. Des0xyN

    F1 questions

    - If you're talking about the Engine Manufacturer delivering updates on some dates, yes it was in career mode in F1 2020. It'll probably stay the same in F1 2021. - On my 2nd season in career mode on F1 2020, Nyck DE VRIES moved to Williams so yes. Also expected in F1 2021. - It isn't there in F1 2020 and unknown for F1 2021 atm. - As you spend points on each branch of R&D, the cost of each upgrade increases by 25-50 points. This could be increased-balanced on F1 2021 maybe.
  3. I think its great but would've preferred more drivers for sure. Wonder if we can use their faces on online races like F1 2020 Schumacher. 🙂
  4. Codemasters "staff" are the game developers 🙂
  5. Probable post patch release, but wouldn't be surprised if its there at launch.
  6. Every F1 players dream 🙂 Not also just rear wing, retirement due to engine or gearbox should be a thing maybe tied to a setting at the start of a career.
  7. Verify integrity of game files from Steam. Some data might be corrupted. Also update your graphic drivers while at it.
  8. 2010 RB6 for me. Seeing my favourite driver Seb in it was a big joy.
  9. Fingers crossed.. 🤞
  10. Yes I do know what testing is and what could be missing in it. It will not be the final product and I'm aware of that. I was talking about general game mechanics, physics etc. These back-end parts of the game are less likely to see a massive change until the final product. Thanks for explaining the general environment of beta testing once again tho 🤝
  11. Good luck everyone 🙂 Would be super lovely if I could participate in the beta before deciding if I'll buy the game this year as its price increased tremendously this year.
  12. Yes they are. EA as a publisher doesn't go for region based pricing at all. I feel hopeless..
  13. Sure go ahead if you can. Steam doesn't allow purchases from other countries payment methods. Incredible how insensitive you are.
  14. F1 2021 pricing is insane on most of the countries. No regional price = lower sale numbers = lower turnover. EA gotta do something about it.

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