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  1. Yeah, have the same problem reported below in that thread. Open the last 2 screenshots presents only TAA and TAA & FidelityFX respectively. The difference in quality is obvious.
  2. Update your post with the official bug report template and hopefully it'll get the notice it needs 🙂
  3. Feels like having "TAA and FidelityFX" forces the game textures to load in 720p or something. Maybe invisible Dynamic Resolution? I don't know. Hopefully gets fixed soon.
  4. Want to tag @BarryBL on this. Saw some similiar posts about this issue maybe we can merge the threads for a quick sight on the reports.
  5. Weird indeed. In normal scenario the safety car should be doing one more lap. In my save it did.
  6. Looks similar to my report here; Setting my antialiasing setting to only TAA seems to fix this low quality problem. It wasn't like this in the 2020 game.
  7. TAA and FidelityFX is bugged on me at the moment, its giving me low quality textures. Is it enabled on you by any chance?
  8. Maybe something to do with Motion Blur strength?
  9. I can already see this should be a mistake on PSN marketplace which will be sorted out once found, but this thread shouldn't be on this forum section. Should've posted it in discussions part where you could get more feedback on this by forum community.
  10. A detailed description of the issue. When I change my Anti-Aliasing setting on Video Mode section of the settings, all in-game textures becomes low quality and noisy including the TV screen on Breaking Point lobby, engineer clothing and car textures while in the garage. Antialiasing option set to "Off" and "Only TAA" are working normally but "TAA and FidelityFX" option seems to be bugged for me. Report Code PPMS-VCHK-CPGV-KAHE Platform? Windows - Steam - PC Game-mode? Braking Point - Time Trial (Possibly every mode out there) What trouble
  11. If you can see the F1 2021 BETA Forum with blue background, you are IN the beta. If you can't see it, you are not in the beta. If you are in, check the Beta forums for all your questions.
  12. Actually a great suggestion imo. I don't know if it can be done for the next installment of the game but maybe for F1 2022, really like this.
  13. Des0xyN

    F1 questions

    Oh, after reading your post once again, you might be talking about the new F1 2021 mode "Braking Point". No info has been given on the mode itself yet let alone any gameplay of the game.
  14. Des0xyN

    F1 questions

    - If you're talking about the Engine Manufacturer delivering updates on some dates, yes it was in career mode in F1 2020. It'll probably stay the same in F1 2021. - On my 2nd season in career mode on F1 2020, Nyck DE VRIES moved to Williams so yes. Also expected in F1 2021. - It isn't there in F1 2020 and unknown for F1 2021 atm. - As you spend points on each branch of R&D, the cost of each upgrade increases by 25-50 points. This could be increased-balanced on F1 2021 maybe.
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