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  1. Adelaide was a classic. Ayrton, Prost and Schumi themselves along with many drivers called it the best street circuit in the world. The teams loved coming here and our city embraced it like no other. Every year it produced a classic and won three Formula One Race Promoters trophies in 85, 90 & 95. Also the second largest crowd in modern F1 history in 95. 210,000 on race day and 520,000 over the four days. I could go on about every moment but here is all the history about it. The ones most talked about today are 86 when Nigel's tyre burst down Sir Jack Brabham Straight giving Alain his second World Championship, 91 the shortest race in F1 history which Ayrton won, 92 Ayrton and Nigel colliding (I was at that one) which Gerhard Berger won for McLaren. 93, Ayrton's last ever F1 win and Prost retiring, 94, Damon and Schumi colliding giving Schumi his first of seven World titles and lastly 95 where Damon dominated the field and overlapped everyone twice and DC crashed at pit lane entry from the lead ( I was at that one too, what an atmosphere and race it was): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adelaide_Street_Circuit It was a great spectacle. I've been to two races when it was here in Adelaide and it was truly something special.
  2. This is Adelaide's legendary street circuit: http://www.allf1.info/tracks/adelaide.jpg The pic you have is a picture of Hamilton Street Circuit in New Zealand which used to be used for the V8 Supercars :)
  3. Adelaide my home street circuit! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6lctPBAkFCc Old Hockenheimring Long Beach Magny Cours Paul Ricard Autodromo Hermanos Rodrigues (Mexico City) Zandvoort Estoril, Imola, Jerez & Brands Hatch stay on the game.
  4. termi27

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    All 3 Practice Sessions. Full race weekends for the classic cars too with practice 1,2,3, qualy and race. Old points scoring system for the classics too. More in depth R&D with the car on upgrades to make FP1, 2 & 3 more useful. Improving aero, brakes, fuel efficiency and reliability etc. Warm up lap. Proper out laps during practice or qualy and it makes the time stop if you make a mistake (if you run onto the grass for an example) and it starts up again once you cross the line to start the time up again and also when you slow down after setting a flyer. Manual pit stops. All the bugs fixed. Commentary if possible. Better race engineer, goes more in depth with info. Telemetry. Weather tracker in the pits. Proper authentic engine sounds. Like the F92A for example had the wrong sound and should have had it's proper V12 sound not a V10. Better damage model and penalty system. Bring back the paddock and "Live the Life" again, interviews- pre and post practice and qualifying and after the race. Design a helmet rather than using a generic or use a favourite drivers of the past etc. Also bring back the country helmets etc. Create a driver. Sponsors and your agent A possible option of starting career with your favourite team like Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull etc. if you don't want to start with a midfield or lower team. Classic tracks: Adelaide, Long Beach, Imola, Indianapolis, Brands Hatch, Jerez, Estoril, Zandvoort, Nordschleiffe and Old Hockenheimring. Classic cars, sticking with the turbo theme due to the return of the V6 Turbo engines:  80's: McLaren MP4/4, Ferrari F187/88C, Lotus 97t or 98t, Williams FW11, Brabham BT52 & Benetton B186. 90's: Ferrari 412t2, Camel Lotus Lamborghini 102, Benetton B194, McLaren MP4/6, Williams FW15C, Sauber Mercedes C12 & Minardi Team M191. Special pack: Williams FW19, McLaren MP4/13, Ferrari F2004, Renault R25, Brawn GP BGP001 & Red Bull RB5.
  5. Yes definitely, This would be a great way to gain more fans of the series worldwide and Indy already has a decent following. Indy are looking to expand their series worldwide too and this is a great way to showcase the sport. If the game is done right with authentic realistic 2.2L Twin-Turbo V6 engine sounds, great graphics, bug free, proper penalty systems, manual pit stops etc. this could be a winner. IndyCar for the past few seasons has been amazing, very unpredictable races and close wheel to wheel action and always action packed with cautions etc. Seven different pole winners this season and five out of seven different winners so far and also the title fights have gone down to the wire at seasons end. I urge you to all watch it. It once again has the upper hand on F1 this year. F1 just needs refuelling to match it to allow the drivers to push instead of conserving.