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  1. WillGanner33

    Safety Car likeliness?

    I run sim damage and get a SC on average every 4 races. For me they are only out for 2-3 laps.
  2. WillGanner33

    New Ideas for F1 2020!

    I agree with you should be able to drive into the pit box yourself. But if you don't want that there should be a setting to turn it on/off. I also think you should be able to create our own character or you should give us more options. I also think you should be able to create your own car design (in my team).
  3. WillGanner33

    Career schedule

    i know you cant change the order because that is the order the races are held in. I think you should be able to choose the 16 races though but i don't know why you cant.