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  1. !ORBIT FORMULA RACING (OFR) XBOX ONE ONLY! We currently run a tier which is racing in a mini season with different type of cars to get all glitches out of the way first. This finishes on 21/09/20 and starts the full F1 season on the 05/10/20. This is currently full, but if we get more interest we could open a TIER 2 as well. These race on Monday at 7pm, and will NOT change when the full season starts, If we were to open a tier 2, it would probably be on a weekend. But what I am really advertising for is the F2 League and this begins on the 24/09/20. We are searching for drivers, and you can pick any team you want unless it is full. If you would like to join, please DM @orbitformularacing on instagram or if you cannot find us, follow the file attached below. There are no sign up forms, this is just for security. Once you DM us, we will ask you to confirm that you can make the time, ask for your gamertag, and give you a link to the discord server. Once all of these are done, we will get you added to the instagram chat which is what we use most, but use discord accordingly too. If you do not have instagram, then reply to this topic! Codies forums.odt
  2. OliDesai

    You have been kicked for cheating

    This happened to me on f1 2020, it says I have been kicked for cheating and I can't play on unranked any more. I don't know why it says this, I haven't done anything wrong. Can this be fixed?
  3. Wolf08Oli - Xbox 1