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  1. They’re beautiful tracks. COTA is my home track. I’m a native Texan. There is just some kind of mental block with these gigantic runoffs for me.
  2. It’s the gigantic runoff. For some reason I feel like I can’t stay on the track. I don’t understand why this is because the track it’s self is as wide as any track yet I keep flying off. This might be a stupid topic but anyone else encounters this strange little issue? Edit: Downforce helps but it doesn’t completely solve it
  3. Thanks ultra. You’re right my power unit has been degrading at a rapid pace. I thought I was just because I diddnt invest enough points in durability
  4. Yah man I notice that too. Sometimes I’m + so much fuel that I just leave it in rich for the whole race. I guess that means I need to lower my fuel weight but that makes me very anxious to do.
  5. My attention span is only good for 25% after clearing every practice module.
  6. Okay I’ll just adjust my strategy to pit 6-8th lap then
  7. Sure. I was running a racing point at China. I qualified 6th. I maintained that position until the 4th lap when I was scheduled to pit. After the pit stop I was stuck in 18th place. Before the race ended I managed to fight my way up to 13th. Is there some strategic flaw in what I’m doing?
  8. I couldn’t give you my exact pit stop time but they aren’t horrible. I’m sure turning on the assist would be a big improvement though. I’ll think about it. I really think timing is my problem somehow. But I’ve got to pit when I’ve got to pit!
  9. Yes I’ve got the ai way down. Embarrassingly down lol
  10. I need to learn more about pitting strategy. I get what you mean about how it’s not because of the assists but playing without them makes me considerably slower especially playing without the line specifically.
  11. I’m playing on elite mode with all assists off. I qualify in the top ten (25% laps) and do decent until I pit then I get slaughtered. When I played on easier settings I would just make my time back when I passed the drivers who pitted a lap or two later than me. I’m still pretty new to elite mode and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Thanks in advance for input.
  12. You know what I’m talking about. Sometimes the hud goes blank and there’s a red X. I’m sure there’s a reason for it happening that I’ve overlooked.
  13. I don’t know if this has brought up before. Feel free to shame me. There are no online player lap times in time trial mode. And I don’t know if level 30 is the cap or what. Thanks in advance
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