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  1. LifeKendall2

    I'm looking for a specific crash replay video.

    That's exactly the one I was looking for, thank you!
  2. I didn't know where I should ask this question so I figured I should come here. In short, my dad saw a video on Facebook of a rally car doing a double frontflip, landing and continuing to drive. I quickly realised that it was DR2.0 and told him it was a game, and he insisted that it was real life because it looked way too realistic to be a game (even after showing him other gameplay footage which "didn't look that realistic"). We made a bet about it and now we're here. I unfortunately don't have a link to the video, but I remember that it was a New England track, driven with a car that has a black and yellow livery. At times the replay menu pops up. Does anyone here have the original video? Or at least a copy of it which isn't 240p. Sorry if this doesn't belong here but I really didn't know where else it would go.