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  1. hello since the newest update when i complete stages in a club , i can see the times ingame but if i check it in the browser, there is no time for anybody even that 5 people completed all the stages. https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs so in this site the times are not existing but ingame the times are there.
  2. Hello I have found yesterday on racedepartment site a sound pack for dr2.0. i would like to know , can i get banned for installing a pack like this ? I am not sure that this sound pack is working or good in any way , but before i try it , i am asking for consequenses. this is the desciption of the sound pack . hi all playing around setting workout new sound effects enable charge pop, add more effects, trans, turbo, engine, skids, so many more effect have play and hear them, lot sharp clear top end sounds, now do sound like real, i update 13 year old wwiseConfig.xml so n
  3. hey sometimes i just get kicked from my own lobby in custom multiplayer , when i try to rejoin it says i am banned. i was the lobby leader. how can this happen and how can i prevent it in the future ?
  4. Hello Hardcore rally : Join if you want to race without assists , on different DLC maps , in different weather conditions . It will be not easy, but dont forget, it is hard also for your opponent . https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/336025
  5. i would like to see some kind of race craft rating , like how safe you drive, how often you crash the car, how good your times are and all these would make a rating number or rank .
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