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  1. Hello   

    I have found yesterday on racedepartment site a sound pack for dr2.0. i would like to know , can i get banned for installing a pack like this ?

    I am not sure that this sound pack is working or good in any way , but before i try it , i am asking for consequenses.

    this is the desciption of the sound pack . 

    hi all playing around setting workout new sound effects enable charge pop, add more effects, trans, turbo, engine, skids, so many more effect have play and hear them, lot sharp clear top end sounds, now do sound like real, i update 13 year old wwiseConfig.xml so now use more channels and more memory from system this file never been updated from 1st game came out, i hope codemasters add this to dirt 5 the game sound so sick we all hope use them..PS: save me editing them later.
    you hear sounds you did know there thanks to sound people at codemasters making all these sounds all work you done keep up good work thx's.
    just unpack to your game go play this unlock all soundbanks & more if download other mods this work great.
    hope you all like them.

     .  Link