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  1. Engine mode and the amount of fuel in the car (if you adjust it). That’s why you’re quicker in actual Qualy vs the practice programme.
  2. DJNicks87

    Servizi online

    This is an English-speaking forum. Please type in English as you stand greater chance of getting a response. 🙂
  3. DJNicks87


    The driver moves and new cars will be present in F1 2021, as is customary with an annual release like the F1 game franchise. Sponsors on the historical helmets i.e the Schumacher ones won’t be included as it’s an issue of licensing.
  4. DJNicks87

    Upgrading to ps5

    Yes. It’s the PS4 version of the game but is playable on PS5 owing to backwards compatibility. It does benefit from some graphical and frame rate improvements on the PS5, as well as improved loading times.
  5. DJNicks87

    Upgrading to ps5

    Save data is all transferable. If you transfer your PS4 data to a PS5 and buy a digital copy of the game, it’ll remember all your settings and game save files etc.
  6. DJNicks87

    Changing Engines (parts) between P2 and P3??

    Yes. I think that’s a bug as the penalties don’t get applied. Either the penalty warning message is being displayed incorrectly, or the penalties aren’t being applied in error? @BarryBL can you shed any light on this?
  7. DJNicks87

    Upgrading to ps5

    It’s all down to the developer whether they offer free digital copies for PS5 owners who have the PS4 copy on disc. Getting in touch with Codies directly would be your best bet but I haven’t seen anything to suggest it’s something that’s being offered.
  8. DJNicks87

    Changing Engines (parts) between P2 and P3??

    Yes, that’s exactly what I do and I don’t get any penalties.
  9. DJNicks87


    It takes a couple of races before you’re asked who you want to be your rival. It takes your position in the championship and gives you 4 of the drivers around you as options. I think you’ll get asked after FP1 of the third race.
  10. DJNicks87

    Changing Engines (parts) between P2 and P3??

    I’m not sure if this is a bug but I use old(er) components for P1, P2 & P3 and then swap them out for fresher ones prior to Qualifying. I get the notification that changing them will result in a penalty but it never gets applied. It’s something that has only been happening since update 1.13 IIRC.
  11. Yes, the benefits from activities are only applied for the next race weekend. The best way to permanently upgrade your teammate’s stats is to upgrade the Personnel department. My current teammate is a 94 rated George Russell because of this.
  12. DJNicks87

    F1 2020 Season Additional Tracks

    No. It’s been discussed to death on here. It takes Codies roughly a year to build a track from scratch. The race calendar in the game is at it was originally scheduled to be.
  13. DJNicks87

    Changing tires in variable conditions

    You can. Either use the MFD to change the tyres or talk to Jeff and tell him which compound you want to switch to.
  14. DJNicks87

    The STATE of this game....

    In my opinion the game isn’t a disaster. As I’ve already said, I haven’t experienced any of the game breaking bugs that others have, so my opinion of the game isn’t going to be affected by them? For me the game is perfectly playable, but just needs a bit of a polish here and there.
  15. DJNicks87


    So that’s a no then? The more people who submit bug reports, the quicker Codies will be able to fix the issues.