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  1. DJNicks87

    F1 2020 Season Additional Tracks

    No. It’s been discussed to death on here. It takes Codies roughly a year to build a track from scratch. The race calendar in the game is at it was originally scheduled to be.
  2. DJNicks87

    Changing tires in variable conditions

    You can. Either use the MFD to change the tyres or talk to Jeff and tell him which compound you want to switch to.
  3. DJNicks87

    The STATE of this game....

    In my opinion the game isn’t a disaster. As I’ve already said, I haven’t experienced any of the game breaking bugs that others have, so my opinion of the game isn’t going to be affected by them? For me the game is perfectly playable, but just needs a bit of a polish here and there.
  4. DJNicks87


    So that’s a no then? The more people who submit bug reports, the quicker Codies will be able to fix the issues.
  5. DJNicks87


    Have you submitted a bug report?
  6. DJNicks87

    The STATE of this game....

    My comment wasn’t related to iRacing, it was simply to you leaving. For what it’s worth, I’m playing the game on a standard PS4 and have had no experience of the majority of bugs that have been raised. The only ones I’ve seen are: qualifying grid times incorrect (now fixed), the guy floating on water in Melbourne (now fixed) and instances of poor graphical rendering and slow load times. I’ve put a lot of hours into the game since launch and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Could it do with some polish? Yes, but it’s not the unplayable, terrible game that a lot of people are making it out to be.
  7. DJNicks87

    The STATE of this game....

    This is not an airport, you don’t need to announce your departure.
  8. DJNicks87

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    I find the OP’s lack of understanding disturbing......
  9. DJNicks87


    This ^ In My Team, you are both the owner and the driver of the team, so you don’t need to consider it as that is how it’s designed.
  10. DJNicks87

    F1 Career Mode

    Under the Vehicle tab you can switch out worn Power Unit components for new ones. Managing these has been part of the career mode for a few years now.
  11. DJNicks87

    My team

    You do get prize money at the end of the season that is based on your finishing position in the constructors championship.
  12. DJNicks87

    My team

    This is an intermittent bug that some users have experienced, although I’m lucky enough to have not come across it yet (at round 6 of My Team Season 2). The developers are aware and hopefully it’ll be fixed in the upcoming patch.
  13. DJNicks87

    My team main sponsor

    As a team, you need to finish in the points twice over the course of the season. So, if you and your teammate both finish in the points at the same race, you’ve met your objective. Similarly, if you finish in the points in two separate races and your teammate doesn’t finish in the points all season, you’ve met your objective.
  14. DJNicks87

    F1 2020 Voice Commands

    Do the headphones you’re using have a microphone attached?
  15. DJNicks87

    My Team - expected positions

    Because you’re the owner of the team, you essentially choose your own targets. So no, in My Team there is no expected target, it’s all about playing the long game and meeting your sponsor objectives to increase your acclaim and bank balance to grow your team.