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  1. Yep, just seen using the link on the in-game menu đź‘Ť
  2. Just fired up my PS5 and patch 1.05 is downloading. I can’t find any patch notes anywhere, does anyone know what this patch is changing/fixing?
  3. The sounds now are comparable with the real sounds we’re hearing from the cars. I play using offset T-cam and during the British GP at the weekend I found myself constantly thinking “they sound exactly like the game” when the onboard camera was being used. Essentially, it’s accurate so it doesn’t need touching.
  4. 100% this. I really struggle to differentiate between the colours on the MFD until a part turns Red on the damage indicator.
  5. Codies have already stated that they increase the difficulty with every release, so if you played the previous games on 104 but have had to drop to 99 for this year’s game, I wouldn’t say that’s too bad. I was playing on 100 on F1 2020 but have had to drop to 92 on F1 2021. It’s nothing that needs addressing, it’s entirely by design.
  6. It’s not possible because I’m Autistic and don’t have the brain processing capability to think about everything at once, hence why I need assistance with picking my braking point. This is why you shouldn’t make generalised statements like “never understand why people need a line or braking markers”.
  7. It’s all about accessibility. Some people may need to play with various assists on. I play both the F1 games and GT Sport, and I agree with what the OP is saying here. I play with the racing line on on the F1 games, solely because I need assistance with picking my braking point. If Codies could implement a system similar to GT Sport with an on-screen prompt (or the cones at the braking point and ideal apex, which is what I use) this would aid the immersion/realism as while I would love to play without the racing line, it’s not possible for me.
  8. You need to develop your team acclaim and also earn enough money to be able to afford their contract. You’ll then be able to sign them.
  9. I wouldn't say this is a bug as such, more a limitation as a result of licensing etc. Since Haas is an IP there will only be specific places it can be used, which is why when you try to put it as your name it rejects it. It's the same system that prevents IP's being used in My Team. I tried to do one with Honda as my team name last year and it was rejected.
  10. I’m having the same issue too. On a non-related note: loving the game so far but I’ve had 4 game crashes since 7am this morning UK time. Error reports sent to Sony on every occasion. One when changing driver suit during My Team setup, one on Race Strategy screen of Azerbaijan GP in My Team, one just after the race finished in Braking Point Chapter 2 and I can’t remember the other one.
  11. Go to On Screen Display Customisation in the pause menu. You’ll be able to switch them back.
  12. I’ve looked back at the dates for last year and it looks like the embargo lifted the day before the release of the Deluxe Edition (Schumacher Edition for F1 2020), so it is the same.
  13. They have the same overall rating, which I would say is the overarching comparison we should look at. When you break down the two driver’s stats, I’d argue that Max has the better of the two. His Awareness and Racecraft are better, and his Pace is only one rating lower. Lewis only has a significant advantage with Experience, obviously because he’s been in the sport longer.
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